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Cooper, Sir Astley Paston (1768-1841) and Travers, Benjamin (1783-1858)A course of lectures on the Principles and Practice of Surgery, delivered by Astley Paston Cooper and Benjamin Travers at the Theatre of St. Thomas's ...Wellcome Library2009-03-23
George Grey Turner Autograph Collection Autograph letters and documents collected by George Grey Turner, 1647-1924. Details of the writers included can be found in the descriptions of the ...Wellcome Library2009-04-06
Clift, William and Owen, Sir Richard: Correspondence from C D Sherborn's CollectionPapers relating to William Clift and Sir Richard Owen, 1816-1886, comprising a volume of 157 letters written to William Clift or Sir Richard Owen from...Royal College of Surgeons of England2009-09-20
Cooper, Sir Astley Paston: Draft paperPapers of Sir Astley Paston Cooper, early 19th century, comprising a draft paper written by Cooper, intended to be the introduction to a collective pu...Royal College of Surgeons of England2009-09-20
Owen, Sir Richard: Letters to Sir Astley Cooper and the Royal College of Surgeons of EnglandPapers of Sir Richard Owen, 1837-1863, comprising an autograph letter from Sir Richard Owen to Sir Astley Cooper, 9 Jan 1837. Relating to the purchase...Royal College of Surgeons of England2009-09-20
Ray, George (fl 1815-1853)Papers of George Ray, 1815-1816, comprising a volume of manuscript notes taken by Ray at the lectures of Sir Astley Paston Cooper, titled Lectures on ...Royal College of Surgeons of England2009-09-20
Rodd, George Ramsey (fl 1807-1827)Papers of George Ramsay Rodd, 1807, comprising a volume of manuscript notes by Rodd, taken at the surgical lectures of Sir Astley Cooper in 1807. An i...Royal College of Surgeons of England2009-09-20
WADDINGTON, Joshua (fl 1815-1817)Papers of Joshua Waddington, 1815-1817, comprising six manuscript volumes of notes from 'Lectures on midwifery and diseases of women and children, del...King's College London College Archives2011-08-24
WARE, James (1756-1815)Volume of shorthand notes attributed to James Ware, the occulist, on a second course on lectures on surgery, delivered by Sir Astley Cooper, 1810. ...King's College London College Archives2012-10-26
GUY'S HOSPITAL MEDICAL SCHOOL RECORDSRecords of Guy's Hospital Medical School, 1755-1992, comprising records of Committees, 1852-1985, notably minutes of the School Governors, later Counc...King's College London College Archives2013-05-30

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