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BERRIDGE, Richard (d 1887) Papers concerning the property and estate of Richard Berridge of Bloomsbury, including papers relating to money left to various charities and institu...London Metropolitan Archives2011-10-25
Campbell, JohnPapers, 1772-1840, of and relating to John Campbell, concerning his family, life and work and comprising miscellaneous papers, including certificates ...School of Oriental and African Studies2002-02-27
CROWLEY, J P Records of J P Crowley comprising drawings of and notes on sundials in churches and churchyards in North Devon, 1952-62, and in Cornwall, 1957-64. ...London Metropolitan Archives2011-11-02
Davy, John (1790-1868)Papers of John Davy include notebooks and papers relating to his travels and observations whilst on foreign military service, detailing information su...Royal Institution of Great Britain2001-01-23
Eastwick, Edward Backhouse: letterLetter from Edward Backhouse Eastwick of 38 Thurloe Square, London to J Kempson Esq, May 1871. 'Mr. Lopez tells me that you know all about the once pr...Senate House Library, University of London2009-06-18
Hill, JohnA volume entitled Customs of ye Stanarys & Journall of ye Convocators 1703. It relates chiefly to the stannary of Blackmore, but also other Cornish st...Senate House Library, University of London2006-04-11
HOWARD AND ELIOT FAMILIES This exceptionally interesting collection consists of the archives of a London business family, the Howards, and their relations by marriage, the Eli...London Metropolitan Archives2011-11-12
HUDSON, Maj Gen Corrie (1874-1958)Diaries and notebooks of Col Corrie Hudson illustrated with watercolours recording his career in the Indian Medical Service, and his travels and obser...Royal Geographical Society2009-01-02
Jerram, Rear Admiral Sir Rowland Christopher (1890-1981)Papers of Rowland Christopher Jerram, including journals, 1907-1914 and 2 large scrapbooks containing photographs, signals, orders and newspaper cutti...National Maritime Museum2012-05-04
MACCULLOCH, John (1773-1835)Papers of John MACCULLOCH, [1808-1858], principally comprising: Proofs and publications of John MacCulloch - Author's reprints of nine papers publi...Geological Society of London2014-08-14

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