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Arden-Clarke, Sir Charles NoblePapers, 1949-1957, of Sir Charles Noble Arden-Clarke, giving an insight into events during the transition of the Gold Coast to independent Ghana, incl...School of Oriental and African Studies2007-06-23
Bentham (Jeremy) PapersPapers of Jeremy Bentham, 1750-1885, consist of drafts and notes for published and unpublished works, and cover many subjects including: Bentham's cod...University College London2020-06-17
Greek Relief Fund (Modern Greek Archive)Records, 1947-1984, of the League for Democracy in Greece Relief Committee and its successor the Greek Relief Fund, including minutes; administrative,...King's College London College Archives2002-01-10
Guyana: Political Parties MaterialManifestos, speeches, pamphlets, leaflets, letters, newsletters, journals, posters, press releases, and miscellaneous election material at national an...Institute of Commonwealth Studies2013-02-14
Guyana: Pressure Groups MaterialPamphlets, memoranda, bulletins, leaflets, flyers, letters, guides, notices, reports, press releases, programmes, cards and addresses, 1950-1987, issu...Institute of Commonwealth Studies2013-02-14
Hong Kong: Political Parties and Pressure Groups MaterialManifestos, leaflets, programmes and miscellaneous election materials issued by the Hong Kong Association for Democracy and People's Livelihood, the L...Institute of Commonwealth Studies2013-02-14
Keane CollectionThe papers chiefly consist of background research and notes to publications especially to Professor Keane's work 'Václav Havel: a Political Tragedy in...School of Slavonic and East European Studies2013-03-22
Komitee ehemaliger politischer Gefangener: reports and statistics about concentration campsPapers compiled by the Komitee ehemaliger politischer Gefangener, 1945, including original reports and personal accounts concerning conditions in conc...Wiener Library2008-08-26
League for Democracy in Greece (Modern Greek Archive)Records, 1935-1992, of the League for Democracy in Greece and associated bodies. Pre-1945 material includes a set of the Balkan Herald, 1935-1940, and...King's College London College Archives2003-01-16
Parliamentary TextsManuscript volume, 17th century: the Manner of Holdinge a Parliament in England in 24 Articles, comprising eight texts on parliamentary history, back ...University College London2001-10-18

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