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Title Abstract Repository Date Added
ATKINS, Daphne (1896-1961)Material, 1927-1943 relating to Atkins' research work on Lamellibranchs (molluscs), mainly comprising notes, manuscript and typescript drafts, publish...Royal Holloway, University of London2012-06-14
LEATHES, Philip Hammersley ([1770]-1838)Collection comprises correspondence with Philip Hammersley Leathes, manuscript papers, diaries, devotionals, dictionaries and pedigree rolls, title de...King's College London College Archives2013-05-30
LORD BISHOP OF LONDON A letter from the Lord Bishop of London to the Clergy and People of London and Westminster on the occasion of the Late Earthquakes, printed pamphlet....London Metropolitan Archives2010-12-05
Mallet, Robert (1810-1881) Report to the Royal Society of London of the expedition into the interior of the Kingdom of Naples to investigate the circumstances of the Earthquak...Royal Society2009-11-02
Mann, Ebenezer John and MabelPapers, 1913-1938, c1967, some undated, of the Rev Ebenezer Mann and his wife Mabel Mann. They include published newsletters (1913-1938) from Ebenezer...School of Oriental and African Studies2002-05-22
Neapolitan Earthquake papers An extensive collection of photographs and drawings of the after-effects of the Neapolitan earthquake of 1857, collected by Robert Mallet (FRS 1854) ...Royal Society2009-11-09
Oral Archive: Plain Tales from the RajCassette copies and transcripts of recordings of unedited interviews assembled, 1972-1974, for the radio series 'Plain Tales from the Raj', including ...School of Oriental and African Studies2002-09-05

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