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HODGES, Lt Col Aubrey Dallas Percival (1861-1946)Photocopied excerpts of the diaries of Aubrey Dallas Percival Hodges, 1898-1906, concerning sleeping sickness in Uganda....London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine2008-03-11
HODGKIN, H Olaf and others: Paper on Malagasy folk loreAnnotated typescript essay by H Olaf Hodgkin and others entitled 'Malagasy folk-lore'. ...Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland2008-06-27
HOEY, A CBearings and positions by A C Hoey of Lake Baringo to Addis Abbaba, 1909. ...Royal Geographical Society2009-01-02
HOLLIS, Sir Alfred Claud (1874-1961): notes on the history of Vumba, East AfricaNotes on the history of Vumba by Sir Alfred Claud Hollis, 1899, comprising genealogical notes on the history of Vumba, East Africa, with an account of...Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland2008-04-03
Holt, Peter Malcolm (Holt Collection of the Mahdi)Papers, c1889-1970, of Professor Peter Malcolm Holt, chiefly comprising collected notes, facsimiles and microfilms of manuscripts relating to Muhammed...School of Oriental and African Studies2002-04-30
Hopkins, June Mary (b 1930) Papers of June Hopkins, 1962-1968, comprising observational notes on the rearing and behaviour of duikers and other animals (lions, antelopes and a ...Zoological Society of London2011-05-16
HOWSON, Capt John, RN (1871-1948)Copy of typescript memoir of his RN career, 1914-1918 and 1939-1943, covering his service with the Harwich force in the North Sea, 1914-1917, notably ...Liddell Hart Centre for Military Archives, King's College London2000-07-25
HUDSON, Maj Gen Corrie (1874-1958)Diaries and notebooks of Col Corrie Hudson illustrated with watercolours recording his career in the Indian Medical Service, and his travels and obser...Royal Geographical Society2009-01-02
HUNT, Brig (Henry Cecil) John, Baron Hunt of Llanfair Waterdine (1910-1998)Papers of Lord Henry Cecil John Hunt, [1925-1998], including Hunt's diary of the Mount Everest expedition, 10 Mar-12 Jun 1953; photographs, transcript...Royal Geographical Society2009-01-06
Huntingford, George Wynn BreretonPapers, 1920s-1974, of George Wynn Brereton Huntingford, comprising correspondence, 1961-1971, seminar papers and reports relating to the history, lan...School of Oriental and African Studies2002-04-30

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