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Dixon, John (1832-1930)Notes by John Dixon on medical matters and on things of personal interest to him such as astrology and photography spanning his entire career, 1848-19...Wellcome Library2009-03-23
Shillitoe, Buxton (1826-1916) Buxton Stilltoe's note-books containing clinical notes, notes on anatomy, pathology, etc. Author's holograph MSS. Produced in London, 1850-1898. ...Wellcome Library2009-04-26
Shuttleworth, George Edward (1842-1928) George Edward Shuttleworth's note-books, etc. on mental diseases, especially in children. Author's holograph MSS. Produced in Lancaster and London, ...Wellcome Library2009-04-25
Steedman, James Account-book of a medical practitioner in Kinross. In Vol. II is an inserted letter, dated 8 Jan., 1921, from D. W. B. Fleming of Culross to Orr, th...Wellcome Library2009-04-25

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