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Coroller, Jacques Robert Corentin5 volumes of Jacques Robert Corentin Coroller: 'Institutiones philosophiae ... Audiente Joanne Francisco Gillet', titles within decorated pen-drawn bo...Wellcome Library2009-03-23
CORPORATION OF FOREIGN BONDHOLDERS Archives of the Corporation of Foreign Bondholders, consisting mainly of a series of correspondence files. Each series has a number and each item wit...London Metropolitan Archives2018-03-21
COUSLAND, Lt Col Kenneth H (fl 1914-1974)Photocopy of privately published memoir, 'The Great War, 1914-1818: a former 'Gunner' of the First World War looks back', a detailed account of his mi...Liddell Hart Centre for Military Archives, King's College London2001-08-07
COVERNTON, Capt Ralph Henry (1869-1952)Bound typescript entitled 'Fifty odd years of memoirs', covering his life and career, 1893-1945, notably his work as an engineer in South Africa, 1894...Liddell Hart Centre for Military Archives, King's College London2013-07-03
CRAWFURD, Lt Col Charles Hamilton Payne (1907-1943)Typescript copy of account of Crawfurd's service with 29 Battery, 19 Field Regt Royal Artillery, 3 Infantry Bde, 1 Div during Operation DYNAMO, the ev...Liddell Hart Centre for Military Archives, King's College London2001-08-10
CUMMINS, Col Stevenson Lyle (1873-1949)Papers of Colonel Stevenson Lyle Cummins comprising memoirs of service in Africa and France 1873-1918, and war diaries and other papers, 1914-1916. Co...Liddell Hart Centre for Military Archives, King's College London2008-05-28
CUNLIFFE, Lt Col Richard (1914-1986)Copy of text entitled 'Last shell fired at Dunkirk', a brief account of the evacuation of F Troop, 112 Field Battery, 30 Field Regt from Dunkirk on 2-...Liddell Hart Centre for Military Archives, King's College London2001-08-10
Curie, Marie (1867-1934), and Curie, Pierre (1859-1906)Notebooks of Marie and Pierre Curie comprising holograph note-book containing notes of experiments, etc on radio-active substances, with rough pen-dra...Wellcome Library2009-03-23
d'Ivernois, Sir Francis: letter (1813)Letter from Francis d'Ivernois of Reichenbach to an unidentified correspondent, 4 Aug 1813. Covering letter accompanying a 40-sheet corrected proof of...Senate House Library, University of London2009-07-16
DAGLISH, Maj Eric Graeme (b 1898)Copy of account of his failed attempt to join 8 Lancashire Fusiliers in France, covering his journey from Le Havre to Amiens, and his return from Amie...Liddell Hart Centre for Military Archives, King's College London2000-07-25

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