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RYLAND, John Patrick (1922-1994 ) Papers of John Patrick Ryland, comprising papers relating to the Home Guard, 1940-1944 and collected material relating to World War One, 1916-1918, H...Liddell Hart Centre for Military Archives, King's College London2008-08-05
WILKINSON, Col Alexander Camac (1892-1983)Papers of Col Alexander Camac Wilkinson, 1906-1983, including appointment diary, 1931; typescript memoir, 'Fun and games and narrow squeaks' relating...Liddell Hart Centre for Military Archives, King's College London2008-06-24
Munich 1938 television documentaryTaped interviews and transcripts of interviews with figures involved in the Munich Agreement of 1938, made in preparation for the making of a 90-minut...British Library of Political and Economic Science2008-06-19
Grossbard family: CorrespondenceLetters from friends and family to Siegfried Grossbard, 1922-1962, on topics including the Richborough Internment Camp and the German Jewish Aid Commi...Wiener Library2008-05-29
Gurs and other French concentration camps: reports and correspondencePapers of Gurs and other French concentration camps, 1940-1941, include reports and correspondence relating to conditions in Gurs and other French con...Wiener Library2008-05-29
Gurs concentration camp: Eyewitness reportCopy of an eyewitness report by Hedwig Forester of his arrest by the Nazis in Brussels, May 1940, transportation in cattle wagons, and arrival in Gurs...Wiener Library2008-05-29
Gurs concentration camp: Passover HaggadahOriginal manuscript Passover Haggadah in Hebrew with transliteration, edited by Leo Ansbacher at Gurs concentration camp, France, Apr 1941. ...Wiener Library2008-05-29
Gurs concentration camp: postcardsPostcards sent by Berta Kahnheimer, a [German] Jewish inmate at Gurs concentration camp, France, including to Felix Müller, Geneva, 3 Jan 1941 and Dr ...Wiener Library2008-05-29
CUMMINS, Col Stevenson Lyle (1873-1949)Papers of Colonel Stevenson Lyle Cummins comprising memoirs of service in Africa and France 1873-1918, and war diaries and other papers, 1914-1916. Co...Liddell Hart Centre for Military Archives, King's College London2008-05-28
JOWETT, Col Sgt George (1921-2004)My long journey: a true story of World War II as seen through the eyes of a former commando soldier, typescript memoir by Colour Sergeant George `The ...Liddell Hart Centre for Military Archives, King's College London2008-05-23

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