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Blacker, Carlos Paton, (1895-1975)Papers of Carlos Paton Blacker, 1920-1974, reflecting his long and active career in psychiatry (including as including as psychiatrist at the Maudsle...Wellcome Library2009-03-05
C A B Smith PapersPapers of Cedric Austen Bardell Smith, [1934]-2003, comprising biographical material including obituaries and tributes; copy of Smith's inaugural lect...University College London2018-02-23
CARR-SAUNDERS, Sir Alexander Morris. 1886-1966, Knight economist and educationistSections A and B consist of papers found in the Old Dead Registry of the London School of Economics in 1980. Section A files have LSE Registry numbers...British Library of Political and Economic Science2002-03-15
Crookshank, Francis GrahamPapers of Francis Graham Crookshank, 1925, comprising a copy Crookshank's book The Mongol in our Midst: A study of man and his three faces 2nd edition...Royal College of Surgeons of England2008-09-29
Darbishire NotebooksTwenty-four laboratory notebooks, c1902-c1904, giving records of Alfred Dukinfield Darbishire's studies of 'waltzing mice'; another similar notebook, ...University College London2018-02-21
De Beer PapersPapers of Sir Gavin Rylands De Beer, the majority c1939-1972, consisting of: notes and drafts for publications and lectures on the history of science ...University College London2020-06-09
Dobell, Clifford (1886-1949), FRS, protozoologist and parasitologist Clifford Dobell's personal papers, including protozoology drawings, his reviews of books, original plates and drawings for Dobell's scientific paper...Wellcome Library2009-03-23
DRYSDALE, Charles Vickery, 1874-1961, President of the Malthusian LeagueThe papers in this collection are principally concerned with Drysdale's humanist and Malthusian beliefs and are mainly post World War I notes and draf...British Library of Political and Economic Science2002-03-15
Eugenics Society (founded 1907)The initial deposit, sections A-K, consists mainly of correspondence and associated papers (leaflets, memoranda, extracts from minutes, etc.). There a...Wellcome Library2008-12-30
Fairfield, (Josephine) Letitia Denny Papers of Dr. Letitia Fairfield, reflecting her interests in social hygiene, in mental health, in medico-legal matters and criminology, mother and ch...Wellcome Library2009-04-05

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