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Title Abstract Repository Date Added
Group Administration FilesGreat Ormond Street Hospital Group Administration files comprising: GOS/15/1, Hospital Admission Leaflets (information for parents); examples of and c...Great Ormond Street Hospital Archives2013-01-21
Personal Papers of Doctors and other StaffPersonal papers of medical and other staff at Great Ormond Street hospital, comprising GOS/11/1 Dr Charles West, including cases seen at the Waterloo ...Great Ormond Street Hospital Archives2013-01-21
Publications on, about or by Great Ormond Street HospitalGOS/14/1-2; Pamphlet: The Hospital for Sick Children, Great Ormond Street, London, c 1910; GOS/14/3Research Fund Appeal pamphlet containing brief hist...Great Ormond Street Hospital Archives2013-01-21
Staff RecordsStaff records of Great Ormond Street Hospital, comprising GOS/5/1, Staff and Board Members, including GOS/5/1/1, volume containing pasted-in text of 1...Great Ormond Street Hospital Archives2013-01-21
Administrative records Great Ormond Street Hospital administrative records, comprising GOS/1, Annual Reports of the Committee of Management and Board of Management, 1852-1...Great Ormond Street Hospital Archives2011-01-17
Financial RecordsFinancial records of Great Ormond Street Hospital, comprising GOS/3/1-12, Ledgers, Journals and Statements; GOS/3/1/15 General Fund Income Cash Book, ...Great Ormond Street Hospital Archives2011-01-17
Letter Books, Correspondence and Subject FilesGreat Ormond Street letter books comprising GOS/8/1-97, Letter Books containing copy out-letters of Secretary and Assistant Secretary, 1893-1942; GOS/...Great Ormond Street Hospital Archives2011-01-17
Records of Hospital Donors and PatronsRecords of donors for Great Ormond Street Hospital, comprising: GOS/6/1 Lists and Registers, comprising GOS/6/1/1,Register of Life Governors, 1852-189...Great Ormond Street Hospital Archives2011-01-17
Registers of Patient Case Notes Patient case notes of Great Ormond Street Hospital, comprising Medical Case-Notes for the following physicians and surgeons; GOS/10/1-14, Dr West’s P...Great Ormond Street Hospital Archives2011-01-17
Visitors' RecordsGreat Ormond Street Visitors' Books, GOS/7/1/1-7, covering 1852-1956; GOS/7/1/8 Visitors' Book (for major events and Royal and political Visitors), 19...Great Ormond Street Hospital Archives2011-01-17

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