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MOSS, Arthur Leonard (fl 1905-1907)Autograph book belonging to Arthur Leonard Moss, inscribed June 8 1905; comprises photographs, signatures and messages from students of the Faculty of...King's College London College Archives2008-04-03
National Commission on EducationRecords of the National Commission on Education, 1991-1995, including minutes of the Commission, Research Committee, Working and Steering Groups, writ...Institute of Education2008-03-05
King's College of Household and Social Science: photographs5 black and white photographs of students at King's College of Household & Social Sciences, 1943, annotated with the names of the students. ...King's College London College Archives2008-02-19
King's College London Delegacy Special Committee MinutesThe records of the Special Committees of the Delegacy of King's College London consist of minutes of a variety of committees, 1910-1955. These include...King's College London College Archives2007-06-23
Queen Elizabeth College Department of Physiology Student RecordsQueen Elizabeth College Physiology Department undergraduate record cards, 1969-1982 (Ref: QDPI/FP), Physiology Department results book, 1917-1923 (Ref...King's College London College Archives2007-06-23
Queen Elizabeth College Registry RecordsThe records of the Registry at Queen Elizabeth College, 1968-1987, are comprised of committee files and working papers on the academic work of the Col...King's College London College Archives2007-06-23
King's College London Faculty of Arts/School of Humanities RecordsThe records of the Faculty of Arts/School of Humanities at King's College London comprise minutes, correspondence and other papers, 1898-1995. These n...King's College London College Archives2007-04-20
King's College London Department of Music RecordsMusic Department and Faculty of Music records, chiefly comprising correspondence and minutes, 1964-1984; notably including minutes of the Faculty boar...King's College London College Archives2007-03-01
TROUP, Sir (Charles) Edward (1857-1941)Papers, 1923-1932, relating to Troup's work as Treasurer and Member of the Council, King's College, London, including notes and drafts of a letter, Ju...King's College London College Archives2006-02-15
King's College London Department of Physics Student RecordsKing's College London Department of Physics student record cards, 1935-1981 (Ref: KDPY/FP). Information typically contained includes basic biographica...King's College London College Archives2003-09-05

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