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Title Abstract Repository Date Added
RUISLIP ENCLOSURE A 1902 copy of the 1806 Ruislip enclosure map. ...London Metropolitan Archives2010-09-15
RUISLIP MANOR CHURCHRecords of the Ruislip Manor Methodist Church, including order of service for the opening and dedication of Ruislip Manor Methodist Church, 19--; Chur...London Metropolitan Archives2009-06-15
RYCAUT AND SHOREDICHE FAMILIES Papers of the Rycaut, Shorediche and Churchward families, including histories of the families; family letters; despatches and notices; press cuttings...London Metropolitan Archives2011-11-20
SAINT ANDREW, UXBRIDGE: HIGH STREET, UXBRIDGE, HILLINGDON Records of the parish of Saint Andrew, Uxbridge, including baptism registers (1865-1947), marriage registers (1865-1958), burial registers (1867-1896...London Metropolitan Archives2010-05-17
SAINT GILES, ICKENHAM: LONG LANE, HILLINGDON Records of the parish of Saint Giles, Ickenham, comprising registers of baptisms, marriages, burials and banns of marriage. ...London Metropolitan Archives2010-05-17
SAINT JEROME, DAWLEY: JUDGE HEATH LANE, HILLINGDON Records of the parish of Saint Jerome, Dawley, comprising registers of baptisms, registers of marriages and register of confirmations. ...London Metropolitan Archives2010-05-23
SAINT JOHN THE BAPTIST, HILLINGDON: UXBRIDGE ROAD, HILLINGDON Records of the parish of St John the Baptist, Hillingdon, comprising registers of baptisms, marriages, burials, banns of marriage, confirmations and ...London Metropolitan Archives2013-01-03
SAINT JOHN THE EVANGELIST, UXBRIDGE MOOR: COWLEY MILE ROAD, HILLINGDON Records of Saint John the Evangelist, Uxbridge Moor, including registers of baptisms, marriages, burials, confirmation and banns of marriage; papers ...London Metropolitan Archives2010-05-19
SAINT JOHN'S UNITED REFORMED CHURCH, HALLOWELL ROAD, NORTHWOODRecords of Saint John's Presbyterian Church, Northwood, comprising Jubilee Committee minute book, 1954-1955 and photographs of the church, one interna...London Metropolitan Archives2009-06-17
SAINT LAURENCE CHURCH OF ENGLAND SCHOOL, WORCESTER ROAD, COWLEY Records of the Saint Laurence Church of England School, Cowley, comprising registers of attendance; registers of school meals; register of infectious...London Metropolitan Archives2010-09-15

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