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ASSOCIATION OF PRINCIPALS OF TECHNICAL INSTITUTIONS Records of the Association of Principals of Technical Institutions including minutes of general meetings, annual meetings, officers' meetings and Cou...London Metropolitan Archives2010-08-31
CHARTERED INSTITUTE OF BANKERS Records of the Chartered Institute of Bankers, comprising constitutional documents, minutes, correspondence (notably about International Banking summ...London Metropolitan Archives2011-01-29
Kingston College of Technology: Records relating to Kingston College of Technology / Kingston Polytechnic Geology Club Records relating to the Geology Club of Kingston College of Technology, later Kingston Polytechnic. The club was established in 1951 and held regula...Kingston University2018-01-03
Leyton Technical InstituteRecords of the Leyton Technical Institute, later Leyton Technical College, 1898-1938, comprising: Press cuttings, 1898-1907, 1932 [note: currently cl...University of East London2012-06-30
LIVERY COMPANIES' COMMITTEE ON TECHNICAL EDUCATION Minutes of the Livery Companies' Committee on Technical Education. ...London Metropolitan Archives2010-09-14
PENSIONS MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE LIMITEDRecords of the Pensions Management Insitute Limited, 1977-2010, including corporate, administrative, member services records and photographs. Corporat...London Metropolitan Archives2018-07-09
SIR JOHN CASS TECHNICAL INSTITUTE Records of the Sir John Cass Technical Institute, managed by Sir John Cass's Foundation. The records are mostly ledgers and accounts, with some notes...London Metropolitan Archives2010-12-13
SIR JOHN CASS'S FOUNDATION Records of Sir John Cass's Foundation and associated institutions. The archive is arranged as follows: - Minutes, Ms 31010-18; - Accounts, Ms 31019-...London Metropolitan Archives2010-12-05
SIR JOHN CASS'S FOUNDATION: ACCOUNTS Financial accounts of Sir John Cass's Foundation, including Trustee's vouchers; account books; receipt books; bill books; estate and share ledgers; g...London Metropolitan Archives2010-12-05
SIR JOHN CASS'S FOUNDATION: CORRESPONDENCE Correspondence of the Sir John Cass's Foundation, including Schoolmaster's out-letter books; Hackney Estate Office out-letter books; Registrar's out-...London Metropolitan Archives2010-12-05

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