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ADDISON, Mary Winifred (fl 1928-1940)Papers of Winifred Addison comprising King's College Hospital certificates of Invalid Cookery, 14 Dec 1928; practical work and instruction, 1932; extr...King's College London College Archives2013-05-31
ATWELL, Gertrude L [1880]Papers relating to Gertrude L Atwell comprising black and white photograph of Atwell in nurse uniform; Atwell's copy of Fisk, (W H Bartlett & Co,...King's College London College Archives2013-05-31
Berry, Sir James (1860-1946)Papers of Sir James Berry, 1888-1927, comprising medical notes titled Thyroid cases- History and Correspondence, for surnames WA-WIL and WIL-ZUP; draw...Royal College of Surgeons of England2008-10-10
BLYDE, Margery Kathleen (1891-1980)Papers of Margery Kathleen Blyde comprising King's College Hospital certificates of invalid cookery, 21 Dec 1920; and completion of training 1922; Gen...King's College London College Archives2008-04-11
BROWN, Isobel Christine Stewart (1924-1990)Papers of Isobel Christine Stewart Brown comprising University of London Diploma of Sister-Tutor, 10 Oct 1957; King's College Hospital (KCH) certific...King's College London College Archives2008-06-05
BUFFARD, Grace Lizzie (died 1984)Papers of Grace Lizzie Buffard comprising: The Queen's Hospital for Children, Hackney Road London, certificate of training 1908-1911, 1 May 1911; King...King's College London College Archives2008-04-11
CANHAM, Jessie Mignon (fl 1933)King's College Hospital Certificate of Jessie Canham for two years nursing training, and award of the Monk Memorial Prize, Mar 1933....King's College London College Archives2008-04-11
CLAPPEN, Catherine May [1896-1991]Papers on Catherine Mary Clappen comprising two volumes of manuscript notes, with tutor's corrections, on lectures attended as part of her nursing tra...King's College London College Archives2008-04-11
CLEMENT, Minnie (fl 1929-1992)Certificates of Minnie Clement including King's College Hospital certificates of nursing training, 1929-1932, and Invalid Cookery, 28 May 1929; and Ki...King's College London College Archives2008-04-11
DACIE, John Vivian (1912-2005)Papers of Sir John Vivian Dacie, [1930-1936], contain articles of clothing and photographs dating from Dacie's time on the King's College Hospital cri...King's College London College Archives2008-04-11

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