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COURT OF COMMON COUNCIL: LOCAL GOVERNMENT AND TAXATION COMMITTEERecords of the Local Government Taxation Committee comprising minutes, 1866-1897 and committee papers, 1866-1895. ...London Metropolitan Archives2009-04-06
CROSSE AND BLACKWELL LIMITED Records of Crosse and Blackwell Limited, food manufacturers, 1830-2003. The records include business agreements; correspondence; published histories;...London Metropolitan Archives2016-07-11
CRYSTAL PALACERecords of the Crystal Palace Trust, 1853-1952, including Trustees minutes, 1914-1950; Finance Committee minutes and notes, 1914-1948; General Purpose...London Metropolitan Archives2009-07-11
CRYSTAL PALACE DISTRICT GAS COMPANY Records of the Crystal Palace District Gas Company, later called the South Suburban Gas Company, 1853-1949. The records include deeds of settlement, ...London Metropolitan Archives2009-11-13
CURRYS GROUP PLC Records of Currys Group plc, 1896-1985. The collection comprises records of the parent company and a few records of subsidiary and associated compani...London Metropolitan Archives2009-11-13
DARTFORD BREWERY: CORPORATE RECORDS Corporate records of the Dartford Brewery Company Limited, including board meetings minutes; annual general meeting minutes; stockholders' meetings m...London Metropolitan Archives2010-02-28
DARTFORD BREWERY: PROPERTY RECORDS Property records from the Dartford Brewery Company Limited, comprising insurance register for licensed premises; premises repair order book and tenan...London Metropolitan Archives2010-02-28
DECLERMONT AND DONNER Records of DeClermont and Donner Limited, manufacturers, importers and exporters of and dealers in leather, and their subsidiary companies, 1894-1995...London Metropolitan Archives2009-11-23
EAST LONDON WATERWORKS COMPANY: CORPORATE RECORDS Corporate records of the East London Waterworks Company, including Court of Director's minute books; legal papers; Committee papers; title deeds; cor...London Metropolitan Archives2010-02-28
EASTERN BANK LIMITED: MUNDHRA LOAN Papers of the Eastern Bank Limited relating to the Mundhra Loan, including correspondence; Board memoranda, news cuttings and correspondence relating...London Metropolitan Archives2011-07-17

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