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Title Abstract Repository Date Added
KENTON CHURCHRecords of Kenton Methodist Church, including booklet entitled "Our Golden Jubilee", 1977; Kenton Methodist Church Newsletters, 1946-1993; service of ...London Metropolitan Archives2009-06-04
KILBURN AND HAMPSTEAD CIRCUITSchedules of trust property and copies of statistical returns, 1961-1965.


London Metropolitan Archives2009-06-04
KING'S CROSS MISSION, CHARLOTTE STREET/ CARNEGIE STREETKing's Cross Methodist Mission, Charlotte Street (later Carnegie Street), including registers of baptisms, 1896-1932; Church Meeting minutes and Leade...London Metropolitan Archives2009-06-04
KINGS CROSS MISSION, CRESTFIELD STREETRecords of the King's Cross Central Methodist Mission, Crestfield Street, 1933-1956 including correspondence regarding the freehold and leasehold of t...London Metropolitan Archives2009-06-04
KINGSTON ROAD METHODIST CHAPEL, STAINESRecords of the Kingston Road Methodist Chapel, Staines, comprising registers of marriages, 1900-1986. ...London Metropolitan Archives2009-06-04
KINGSWAY HALL, HOLBORNPapers of Kingsway Hall Trust, 1870-1947; cash books, ledgers, vouchers and bank books, 1908-1914; cash book and ledger for Building Fund 1910, 1908-1...London Metropolitan Archives2009-06-04
LEYSIAN MISSION CIRCUITRecords of the Leysian Mission Circuit; Leysian Mission; Haggerston Methodist Mission and Shoreditch Methodist Mission, 1870-1989.Records of the Leysi...London Metropolitan Archives2009-06-07
LEYSIAN MISSION HALL, CITY ROADMarriage registers of Leysian Mission Hall, City Road, London, 1910-1987. ...London Metropolitan Archives2009-06-06
LISMORE CIRCUS MISSIONMinutes of Sub Committee and General Committee of the Great Queen Street Circuit, 1877-1878; plan showing proposed site for Chapel and Schools at Agin...London Metropolitan Archives2009-06-04
LONDON CENTRAL MISSION METHODIST CIRCUITRecords of the London Central Mission Methodist Circuit, 1866-1976, including records of the circuit itself and the records of the following constitue...London Metropolitan Archives2009-06-06

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