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Title Abstract Repository Date Added
HOXTON CIRCUITRecords of Fellowes Street British School, 1863-1886. ...London Metropolitan Archives2009-06-04
HOXTON CIRCUITMinutes of Quarterly Meetings, 1877-1891; minutes of the Chapel Trusts Liquidation Fund Committee, 1876-1877; minutes of the Circuit Committee for the...London Metropolitan Archives2009-06-17
HOXTON CIRCUITRecord relating to Cross Street Wesleyan Mission, Liverpool, 1876. ...London Metropolitan Archives2009-05-18
Hunt, JohnPapers, 1833-1938, of and relating to John Hunt and his family, comprising correspondence, 1833-1868, of John and Hannah Hunt, the correspondents main...School of Oriental and African Studies2008-02-06
ISLEWORTH METHODIST CHAPELRegisters of marriages, 1948-1965. ...London Metropolitan Archives2009-05-14
ISLINGTON CENTRAL METHODIST CHURCH AND PREDECESSORSRecords of Islington Central Methodist Church and its predecessors, including registers of baptisms for Drayton Park Methodist Church, Highbury, 1882-...London Metropolitan Archives2009-06-04
ISLINGTON CIRCUITMinute book of the quarterly meetings of the Islington Circuit, First London District, 1883-1899, with enclosures including newspaper cuttings concern...London Metropolitan Archives2009-06-04
JACKSON'S LANE WESLEYAN CHURCHRecords of Jackson's Lane Methodist Church (also known as Highgate Methodist Church), comprising register of baptisms 1906-1971. ...London Metropolitan Archives2009-06-04
JACKSON'S LANE WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCHRegisters of marriages, 1908-1972. ...London Metropolitan Archives2009-06-04
JEWIN STREET WESLEYAN CHAPEL Records of Jewin Street Wesleyan Chapel, comprising annual chapel trust schedules. ...London Metropolitan Archives2010-12-05

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