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LONDON METHODIST MISSION (WEST CIRCUIT)Annual reports of the West London Methodist Mission: "The Work of a Year in Pictures", 1929-1930 and "West London: Its Glory and Tragedy", 1930-1931. ...London Metropolitan Archives2009-05-11
LONDON METHODIST MISSION (WEST) CIRCUIT/ GREAT QUEEN STREET CIRCUITQuarterly Meetings minute books, 1807-1847; ledger, 1807-1812; Chapel Fund ledger, 1815-1823 and account books, 1874-1904. ...London Metropolitan Archives2009-06-07
LONG LANE METHODIST CHURCH, HILLINGDONRecords of Long Lane Methodist Church comprising marriage registers, 1963-1979; Trustees' Treasurer's accounts, 1932-1969; records concerning new buil...London Metropolitan Archives2009-06-07
MAIDSTONE STREET CHURCH/ HARBOUR LIGHT CHURCHRecords of the Maidstone Street Methodist Church, Haggerston, later the Harbour Light Church, Goldsmith's Row, Haggerston, including registers of bapt...London Metropolitan Archives2009-06-07
MANCHESTER ROAD CHURCH, CUBITT TOWNManchester Road (Cubitt Town) Methodist Church Trust Treasurer's account book, 1879-1938.


London Metropolitan Archives2009-06-07
MARIA STREET CHURCH, MILLWALLMemorandum of appointment of new trustees for the Methodist Chapel and School, Maria Street, 1917.


London Metropolitan Archives2009-06-09
MARY STREET CHURCH, CANNING TOWNRecords of Mary Street Methodist Church, Canning Town, including registers of baptism, 1861-1940; request for a piece of land next to Mary Street Chap...London Metropolitan Archives2009-06-09
MARY STREET METHODIST CHURCH, CANNING TOWNRegister of marriages, 1914-1940. ...London Metropolitan Archives2009-06-09
MATTISON ROAD PRIMITIVE METHODIST CHURCHRegisters of marriages, 1931-1963. ...London Metropolitan Archives2009-06-09
MAYFIELD ROAD, DALSTON CHURCHRecords of the Dalston Methodist Church, Mayfield Road, 1943-1956, comprising correspondence and papers concerning war damage and re-building, and lea...London Metropolitan Archives2009-06-09

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