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CLEVELAND HALL, CLEVELAND STREETRegister of baptisms, 1889-1916; deeds and papers for Cleveland Hall and agreements for Craven Chapel, 1824-1896; trust accounts for Cleveland Hall an...London Metropolitan Archives2009-05-11
COLLEGE PLACE CHAPEL, MARLBOROUGH SQUARE, CHELSEARegister of baptisms, 1851-1902. ...London Metropolitan Archives2009-05-11
CRAVEN CHAPEL, REGENT STREETRegister of baptisms, 1859-1909 and register of marriages, 1900-1906. ...London Metropolitan Archives2009-04-24
CROSS STREET WESLEYAN MISSION, LIVERPOOL"Order of religious services to be held in the Cross Street Mission Room, in connection with Cranmer Wesleyan Society, 1876-1877" and "Cross Street We...London Metropolitan Archives2009-04-24
CUSTOM HOUSE CHURCH, FREDERICK STREETRecords relating to the Custom House Methodist Church, Frederick Street, comprising correspondence concerning repairs and renovations and a loan from ...London Metropolitan Archives2009-05-11
DENBIGH ROAD WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCH, KENSINGTONRecords of Denbigh Road Methodist Church, Kensington, 1827-1971, including registers of baptisms, 1854-1968; registers of marriage, 1859-1911; Leader'...London Metropolitan Archives2009-05-11
DENBIGH ROAD WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCH, KENSINGTONDenbigh Road Wesleyan Methodist Chapel: minute book of the Bible Class, 1866-1869. ...London Metropolitan Archives2009-05-14
DENBIGH ROAD WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCH, KENSINGTONRecords of the Denbigh Road Wesleyan Methodist Church, comprising Poor's Stewards' or Poor Fund account book, 1903-1935; 47th Kensington Group Rover T...London Metropolitan Archives2009-06-04
DEPTFORD CIRCUITMinute book of the quarterly meetings of the Deptford Circuit, 1811-1838; volume of names and accounts of collections in the Deptford Circuit, 1812-18...London Metropolitan Archives2009-04-27
DRIFFIELD ROAD CHURCH, BOWRecords relating to the Driffield Road Methodist Church, Bow, comprising application to the District Building committee to sanction the appointment of...London Metropolitan Archives2009-04-24

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