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SEAMEN'S MISSION CIRCUIT, QUEEN VICTORIA SEAMEN'S REST, POPLARMinute book of the local preachers' meetings of the Seamen's Mission Circuit, 1908-1933; Circuit schedules of the Seamen's Mission Circuit, 1906- 1956...London Metropolitan Archives2009-04-29
SAINT JOHN'S SQUARE CHURCHRecords of Saint John's Square Methodist Church, 1899-1970, including Trustee's correspondence, meeting minutes and financial accounts; correspondence...London Metropolitan Archives2009-06-17
SAINT GEORGE'S METHODIST CHURCH, CABLE STREETSaint George's Methodist Church, Cable Street: Trust Treasurer's book, 1961-1965. ...London Metropolitan Archives2009-06-15
SAINT GEORGE'S EAST CHAPEL, CABLE STREET, STEPNEYMinute books of the Charity Organization Society, 1880-1889 and 1902-1909; Collection journals, 1880-1902 and 1923-1933; Class book, 1934-1938; Minute...London Metropolitan Archives2009-06-17
SAINT GEORGE'S CIRCUIT, POPLAR CIRCUITCircuit schedules giving names of class leaders, totals for each class, subscriptions and collections to connexional funds, lists of stewards and name...London Metropolitan Archives2009-06-17
RUISLIP MANOR CHURCHRecords of the Ruislip Manor Methodist Church, including order of service for the opening and dedication of Ruislip Manor Methodist Church, 19--; Chur...London Metropolitan Archives2009-06-15
RUISLIP COMMON METHODIST CHURCHMarriage register for Ruislip Common Methodist Church, 1952-1956. ...London Metropolitan Archives2009-06-15
RUISLIP COMMON CHURCHRecords of Ruislip Common Methodist Church, comprising leaflet concerning church history and centenary celebrations, 1954 and Property Committee minut...London Metropolitan Archives2009-06-15
RUISLIP (ICKENHAM ROAD) CHURCHRecords of the Ruislip Methodist Church, Ickenham Road, 1923-1992, including membership registers; Leaders' Meetings minutes; annual reports; financia...London Metropolitan Archives2009-06-15
RAILTON ROAD, HERNE HILL CHURCHHerne Hill Methodist Church, Railton Road: Sunday School Teachers' minute book, 1910-1926.


London Metropolitan Archives2009-06-13

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