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Wilson, Sir Graham Selby (1895-1987)Although the collection is by no means comprehensive, there are interesting records of many aspects of Wilson's career. Section A. Biographical: Bring...Wellcome Library2009-03-05
WILSON, Sir Graham Selby (1895-1987)Papers of Sir Graham Selby Wilson, 1922-1931, comprise a collection of reprints used to aid Wilson's research. These reprints are mostly from the Jour...London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine2008-03-18
Wellcome Witness SeminarsPapers relating to the Wellcome Witness Seminars, 1993-1997, including original audio tapes of the seminars (in most cases, master plus copy); photogr...Wellcome Library2009-03-04
Van Heyningen, William Edward (1911-1989) Papers of William Edward Van Heyningen, 1947-1978, including laboratory notebooks (bacterial toxins, dysentery, tetanus), 1947-1961; correspondence ...Wellcome Library2009-04-26
University of London Audio-visual CentreBackground papers concerning ULAVC collection of medical films and videos now held by the Wellcome Trust, 1971-1986. Most files include at least the v...Wellcome Library2009-04-06
Tyburn Project: production of scrub typhus vaccine, Second World War'Report of Special Operational Store Tyburn, Jan-Nov 1945', by Marinus van den Ende (1912-1957), bacteriologist; and notes and photographs by Dr Helèn...Wellcome Library2009-04-26
Twort, Frederick William (1877-1950) Papers of Frederick William Twort or about him, mainly his work at the Brown Institution, including laboratory notes and correspondence, etc from th...Wellcome Library2009-04-09
TOPLEY, William Whiteman Carlton (1886-1944)Papers of William Whiteman Carlton Topley, 1913-1944, comprise publications by Topley and others including Major Greenwood and Graham Wilson, and phot...London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine2008-03-18
Thomson, David: 'Photographic researches on the bacteriology of the respiratory tract'Manuscript by David Thomson, 'Photographic Researches on the Bacteriology of the Respiratory Tract in Health and also during Colds and Influenza', cop...Wellcome Library2009-04-26
Student notebooksNotebooks containing manuscript notes from lectures given at the Royal Veterinary College c 1811-1974. Highlights include lecture notes by James McCun...Royal Veterinary College2008-10-16

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