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HOBDAY, Brig Rupert Edmund (1894-1977)Papers relating to his service in Egypt and Libya, 1940-1941, principally comprising notes for a lecture on the Libyan campaign, 1940-1941, with parti...Liddell Hart Centre for Military Archives, King's College London2000-07-25
HOBART, Maj Gen Sir Percy Cleghorn Stanley (1885-1957)Papers relating to Maj Gen Sir Percy Hobart's life and career, 1926-1953, including typescript texts of five lectures by Hobart on tank warfare, Staff...Liddell Hart Centre for Military Archives, King's College London2001-10-08
HMS Dryad Papers relating to HMS Dryad consisting mainly of manuscripts relating to the education of naval officers in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries....National Maritime Museum2011-12-30
HINGSTON, Lt Col Walter George (1905-1993)Copy of typescript extract from letter, dated 16 Dec 1940, by Hingston, General Staff Officer 3 (Intelligence), Headquarters, 4 Indian Div, Western De...Liddell Hart Centre for Military Archives, King's College London2000-07-25
Hinde, Commander Edwin Thomas, Commander (d 1869) Letters of Edwin Thomas Hinde. The letters are divided into two groups: those written to his family from the ATHOLL, BLACK JOKE, FAIR ROSAMOND and DR...National Maritime Museum2012-02-11
HIGNETT, Lt Col John Derrick (1900-1994)Official photographs of the British Army in North Africa, [1940-1943], principally depicting personnel, tanks and infantry....Liddell Hart Centre for Military Archives, King's College London2000-07-25
Hickley, Lieutenant John Dennis (1862-1895) Papers of Lieutenant John Dennis Hickley containing several papers relating to J.D. Hickley's education and training; a few short letters written jus...National Maritime Museum2012-02-11
Hickley family Papers of Admiral Henry Dennis Hickley, consisting of two short diaries and a watch bill from HMS DIADEM; appointment papers detailing the rise of He...National Maritime Museum2012-01-28
HEYWOOD, Professor Harold (1905-1971)Papers of Professor Harold Heywood, 1925-1973, comprising biographical papers; notebooks and papers, 1925-1957, covering Heywood's undergraduate caree...Imperial College of Science Technology and Medicine2002-03-22
HENNIKER, Brig Sir Mark Chandos Auberon, Bt (1906-1991)Papers, mostly photocopies, relating to Operation FRESHMAN, an abortive British-Norwegian assault on a heavy water plant at Vemork, Norway, Nov 1942, ...Liddell Hart Centre for Military Archives, King's College London2000-07-25

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