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Saintsbury, George E B: letters5 letters and cards from George Edward Bateman Saintsbury of 1 Royal Crescent, Bath to Miss Brenda E Spender, 1929-1932. All items are autograph...Senate House Library, University of London2009-09-13
SALKEY SCORE COMMITTEE Records relating to event 'Salkey's Score', commemorating the life of Andrew Salkey. Includes correspondence and minutes for the setting up of the co...London Metropolitan Archives2010-03-13
SHARROCK, Professor Roger Ian (1919-1990)Correspondence, [1940-1989], about his texts, mainly in regard to the work of William Wordsworth and John Bunyan, including one photocopy of a letter ...King's College London College Archives2000-08-04
Shliapentokh CollectionUnpublished play entitled "Syn Aleksandra", written by Dmitrii Shliapentokh, probably in the 1980s or early 1990s. ...School of Slavonic and East European Studies2022-02-17
Sinclair CollectionTypescripts of lectures given by Archibald Riddell Sinclair on Janos Arany and William Shakespeare, and on Robert Burns and Sandor Petöfi. The latter ...School of Slavonic and East European Studies2022-02-17
SKEAT, Reverend Walter William (1835-1912)Papers, 1868-1932, of and concerning Walter William Skeat, including correspondence relating to the English Dialect Society, 1887-1912, letters to Ske...King's College London College Archives2002-03-30
Spender, Stephen: letter (1953)Letter from Sir Stephen Spender of Panton House, 25 Haymarket, London to [? J H P Pafford, Goldsmiths' Librarian, University of London Library], 30 Se...Senate House Library, University of London2009-09-04
SPURGEON, Professor Caroline Francis Eleanor (1869-1942)Professor Spurgeon's papers comprise mainly notes, 1895-1912, taken at lectures attended as an undergraduate and afterwards, and teaching notes and co...Royal Holloway, University of London2015-07-15
Stencl, Abraham NahumPapers, c1910-1983, of Abraham Nahum Stencl, relating to his life and work and to modern Yiddish literature, and comprising papers relating to his lif...School of Oriental and African Studies2002-09-05
Stevens CollectionCorrespondence relating to Horace C Stevens' work as a translator of Russian and Polish literature. The subject files include with individuals, publis...School of Slavonic and East European Studies2022-02-17

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