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Shipton, Lieutenant-Commander Francis Henry Eldred (fl 1877-1881)Papers of Francis Henry Eldred Shipton comprising just one logbook kept in HMS DEFENCE 1877 to 1879, NORTHUMBERLAND 1879 to 1880 and CARYSFORT 1880 to...National Maritime Museum2012-08-24
Shirreff, Rear-Admiral William Henry (1785-1847)Papers of William Henry Shirreff. There are three letterbooks for the years 1818 to 1820, one for 1830 to 1837 at Gibraltar, another for 1838 to 1841 ...National Maritime Museum2012-08-24
Sick and Hurt Board, In-Letters and OrdersIn-letters and orders of the Sick and Hurt Board. They consist of eighty volumes of in-Letters from the Admiralty, 1702 to 1806. Fifty-two of these vo...National Maritime Museum2012-08-20
Signals: ForeignSignals: Foreign. Over half the signal books in this category are French; the other nations represented are Spain, the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, Sw...National Maritime Museum2013-08-28
Signals: TheorySignals: Theory. Included in this small group of documents are a description of Colonel Pasley's telegraph of 1804 and 'Observations on Signal Shapes ...National Maritime Museum2013-01-17
Silvester, Sir Philip Carteret (1777-1828) Papers of Sir Philip Carteret Silvester, comprising logs, 1792 to 1798, 1801 and 1815 to 1817, letterbooks, 1806 to 1807 and 1811 to 1814, and corres...National Maritime Museum2012-08-20
Sisson, Commander James Joseph Lawson (1846-1883)Papers of James Joseph Lawson Sisson, consisting of a diary, 1859-1860, logs, 1865-1869 and 1872-1876, family letters received and Sisson's own letter...National Maritime Museum2013-01-17
Smith, Admiral Sir William Sidney (1764-1840)Papers of Sir William Sidney Smith, consisting of loose letters and notes written between 1790 and 1840 by many of the important naval figures of the ...National Maritime Museum2012-06-30
Smith-Dorrien, Rear-Admiral Arthur Hale (1856-1933)Papers of Arthur Hale Smith-Dorrien, comprising four volumes of watercolours, photographs, newscuttings and documents covering his career from his sch...National Maritime Museum2012-08-24
Steevens, Charles, Rear-Admiral (1705-1761)Papers of Charles Steevens, consisting of a letter to Steevens from the Nabob of Arcot, 1760, and the draft and printed copy of his life written by hi...National Maritime Museum2012-06-30

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