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Stephenson, Captain Thomas (1741-1809)Papers of Capt Thomas Stephenson, comprising order books, 1795 to 1801; a log, 1798 to 1799; a signal log, 1799, and sailing directions of the Channel...National Maritime Museum2012-06-30
Stewart, Commander Archibald Thomas (1876-1968) Papers of Archibald Thomas Stewart. They consist of two logs, 1892 to 1896, as well as documents collected by Stewart. These include some letters rec...National Maritime Museum2012-06-30
Stokes, Admiral John Lort (1812-1885)Papers of Adml John Lort Stokes. They include logs, 1837 to 1843, 1848 to 1849, 1851 and 1859 to 1863, letter-books, 1841 to 1843, 1848 to 1851 and 18...National Maritime Museum2012-08-24
Stopford, Admiral Robert Fanshawe (1811-1891)Papers of Adm Robert Fanshawe Stopford, comprising loose papers mounted in a volume, relating mainly to the TALBOT and ASIA periods, with official ser...National Maritime Museum2012-10-05
Stopford, The Hon. Sir Robert, Admiral (1768-1847)Papers of Adml Sir Robert Stopford, comprising an order book, 1803 to 1805, official service documents and private and semi-official letters from many...National Maritime Museum2013-08-28
Stuart, Lord William, Captain (1778-1814)Papers of Capt Lord William Stuart. They consist of order books, 1799 to 1810 and 1811 to 1814; logs, 1811 and 1813 to 1814; in and out-letterbooks, 1...National Maritime Museum2012-06-30
Sutcliffe-Smith Collection Letters and orders from Horatio Nelson and others to various correspondents including Emma Hamilton, 4 May 1795-8 Dec 1806, also engravings mostly of...National Maritime Museum2012-06-30
Tait, Admiral Sir William Eric Campbell (1886-1946)Papers of Sir William Eric Campbell Tait containing two logs, 1903 to 1905, a photograph album, 1908 to 1914, and loose papers; these include letters ...National Maritime Museum2012-08-24
Tennant, Sir William George, Admiral, (1890-1963) Papers of Sir William George Tennant, including official service documents; midshipman's logs, 1905 to 1909; diaries of war service, written up in 1...National Maritime Museum2013-01-21
The Royal Indian Navy (1612-1947) Association Papers of the Royal Indian Navy (1612-1947) Association, including papers of the Association, 1750-1986. The majority of documents relate to individ...National Maritime Museum2013-01-21

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