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Elliot, Gilbert, 2nd Earl Of Minto, First Lord Of The Admiralty, (1782-1859)Papers of the 2nd Earl of Minto consisting of correspondence and papers covering the period when he was First Lord of the Admiralty. There are forty v...National Maritime Museum2012-02-11
Elliot, Admiral John (1732-1808)Papers of Adm John Elliot, consisting only of one volume, containing a biographical note and seventy-two letters sent mostly by Elliot to his father o...National Maritime Museum2011-10-23
Elliot FamilyPapers of the Elliot family including: Papers of Lord Gilbert Elliot, 1st Earl of Minto, comprising sixty-two volumes and covering the official corres...National Maritime Museum2011-10-24
Elkins, Vice-Admiral Sir Robert Francis (1903-) Papers of Sir Robert Francis Elkins, comprising Elkin's midshipman's journal, 1921 to 1923, his summaries and reports on Invergordon, 1931, and a lat...National Maritime Museum2011-10-25
Edgell, Vice-Admiral Harry Edmund (1809-1876)Papers of Harry Edmund Edgell, consisting of official letterbooks, 1855 to 1860, and two folders of official letters, 1857 to 1858. ...National Maritime Museum2011-10-23
Dundas,Admiral Sir James Whitley Deans (1785-1862)Papers of Sir James Whitley Deans Dundas, consisting of bound volumes of official and private correspondence for Dundas's Mediterranean command, 1851 ...National Maritime Museum2011-10-24
Dundas, Robert Saunders, 2nd Viscount Melville (First Lord of the Admiralty), (1771-1851) Papers of Robert Saunders Dundas, consisting of a small collection of letters for the period during which Dundas was First Lord. In addition, there a...National Maritime Museum2012-04-19
Dundas, Henry, 1st Viscount Melville (1742-1811) Papers of Henry Dundas, consisting of miscellaneous letters and documents relating to Dundas' official career as a naval administrator, 1760 to 1811....National Maritime Museum2012-04-19
Doughty, Rear-Admiral Frederick Proby (1834-1892) Papers of Frederick Doughty, including logs, 1847 to 1854; journals, 1860 to 1864, 1878 to 1883; official letterbooks, 1866 to 1872, 1882 to 1887; a ...National Maritime Museum2011-10-23
Davison, Alexander (1750-1829)Papers of Alexander Davison including a collection of forty-five letters concerning prize money, 1804-14, including those from Admirals Collingwood (q...National Maritime Museum2011-10-23

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