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Troubridge, Admiral Sir Ernest Charles Thomas (1862-1926)Papers of Adml Sir Ernest Charles Thomas Troubridge, comprising his scrapbook album, 1889-1899, a pocket notebook, correspondence as President of the ...National Maritime Museum2013-02-25
Troubridge, Vice-Admiral Sir Thomas Hope (1895-1949)Papers of Sir Thomas Hope Troubridge, including training guidelines whilst as a gunnery officer 1922-1924, Naval orders 1925-1926, Admiralty papers 19...National Maritime Museum2013-02-25
Tupper, Lieutenant Charles George De Beauvoir (1872-1893)Papers of Charles Tupper, they include two journals, 1889 to 1891, official service documents, a collection of Admiralty charts, 1867 to 1881, and the...National Maritime Museum2013-03-22
Upton, Commander Henry (b 1769) Papers of Henry Upton, including logs, 1791 to 1794 and 1804 to 1815, signal books, undated memoranda, accounts, rules, port regulations and service ...National Maritime Museum2013-03-22
Waters, David W (fl 1961-1965)Papers of Lt-Commander Waters including folders containing notes and articles, with some photographs; notebooks; and various essays on naval subjects....National Maritime Museum2013-03-22
Yorke, Charles Philip (1764-1834) Papers of Charles Yorke, chiefly private letters received between 1810 and 1812 from many correspondents, including Admirals G C Berkeley (1753-1818)...National Maritime Museum2013-03-22
Signals: ForeignSignals: Foreign. Over half the signal books in this category are French; the other nations represented are Spain, the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, Sw...National Maritime Museum2013-08-28
Stopford, The Hon. Sir Robert, Admiral (1768-1847)Papers of Adml Sir Robert Stopford, comprising an order book, 1803 to 1805, official service documents and private and semi-official letters from many...National Maritime Museum2013-08-28

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