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Hulbert, George Redmond, (1774-1825) Papers of George Redmond Hulbert, comprising his correspondence, 1807 to 1823, with the Navy Pay Office, Navy Prize Office, Treasury, Greenwich Hospi...National Maritime Museum2012-01-28
Huskinsson, Captain Thomas (1784-1844) Papers of Cpt Thomas Huskinsson. Most of the collection relates to his son, John Huskinsson , there is also an account of the early service of Thomas...National Maritime Museum2012-01-28
Gretton, Vice Admiral Sir Peter William (1912-1992) Papers of Sir Peter William Gretton. A small proportion of the documents relate to Gretton's naval career (1926-1963) and include reports, standing o...National Maritime Museum2012-01-29
Griffin, Admiral Thomas (c 1699-1771) Papers of Admiral Thomas Griffin consisting of a full run of logs from 1716 to 1749, letterbooks, 1732 to 1749, with letters inserted in 1751, 1755 a...National Maritime Museum2012-01-29
Hamilton, Captain Henry George (1808-1879)Papers of Captain Henry George Hamilton, consisting of official service documents, letters to his family, 1822 to 1830, and from Australia, 1839 to 18...National Maritime Museum2012-01-29
Malcolm family papers Papers of Charles Malcolm, consisting of nine volumes of official letterbooks, 1801 to 1838, most of which relate to Malcolm's years in the Indian Na...National Maritime Museum2012-01-29
Osborn, Captain Joseph (1823-1907)They consist of eleven log books, the first of which was written by Osborn as a Mate, with the rest by him as Master. Ranging between 1853 to 1875, th...National Maritime Museum2012-01-29
Osborn, Henry (1694-1771) Papers of Henry Osborn comprising five logs, 1730 to 1742, and an order book, 1747 to 1757. ...National Maritime Museum2012-01-29
Cornwallis, Admiral The Hon. Sir William (1744-1819)Papers of Sir Willaim Cornwallis including logs, 1759 to 1760, 1789 and 1792 to 1793; admiral's journals, 1794 to 1796 and 1801 to 1806; letterbooks, ...National Maritime Museum2012-02-11
Cunningham, Admiral of the Fleet Andrew Browne, 1st Viscount Cunningham (1883-1963) Papers of Andrew Browne Cunningham relating mostly to the period after his retirement. There are seven copies of the Tenedos Times, 1914 to 1915, not...National Maritime Museum2012-02-11

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