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Hamilton, Sir William (1730-1803)Papers of Sir William Hamilton, including a series of one hundred and fifty-five letters received by Hamilton between 1791 and 1800 and a series of si...National Maritime Museum2011-09-28
Hamond, Admiral of the Fleet Sir Graham Eden (1779-1862) Papers of Sir Graham Eden Hamond, including three diaries, 1834 to 1838, and about one hundred letters, most of which are letters received by Hamond ...National Maritime Museum2011-09-28
Harvey, Vice-Admiral Sir Thomas (1775-1841) Papers of Sir Thomas Harvey consisting of a journal, 1805 to 1807, loose papers containing letters and orders, 1807 to 1809, and a few miscellaneous ...National Maritime Museum2012-02-11
Hawke, Edward, Admiral Of The Fleet, 1st Baron Hawke (1705-1781)Papers of Adml Edward Hawke. They contain a virtually unbroken series of letter and order books relating to Hawke's career afloat from June 1743 onwar...National Maritime Museum2012-02-12
Henderson, Vice-Admiral Sir William Hannam (1845-1931)Papers of Sir William Hannam Henderson. They consist of official service documents; a log, 1860 to 1866; a personal notebook, 1867 to 1869; an order b...National Maritime Museum2012-02-11
Hereford, Captain Edward William (fl 1851-74) Papers of Captain Edward William Hereford. The manuscripts include his commissions, testimonial, logs for the TRAFALGAR, HAWKE and ACORN, 1851-7, whi...National Maritime Museum2012-02-11
Hewett, Sir William Nathan Wrighte, Vice-Admiral (1834-1888)Papers of Sir William Nathan Wrighte Hewett. The collection includes his commissions and certificates of service, official letters from the Admiralty ...National Maritime Museum2012-05-04
Hood, Vice Admiral Sir Samuel, 1st Bt. (1762-1814) Papers of Samuel Hood comprising letter and order books, 1794 to 1795, 1806, 1808 to 1809; signals and instructions, 1790 to 1791; and logs, 1806 to ...National Maritime Museum2012-05-17
Hornby, Phipps: additional papers of members of the family The collection contains items, including journals, official and private letters, and newspaper cuttings, relating to all of the above members of the ...National Maritime Museum2013-02-15
Hornby, Sir Geoffrey Thomas Phipps, Admiral Of The Fleet (1825-1895) Papers of Sir Geoffrey Thomas Phipps Hornby, [1858-1894]. Except for a few service papers and a letterbook, 1858 to 1870, the entire collection dates...National Maritime Museum2012-04-15

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