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Kraft durch Freude' festival: various papers (microfilm)Photographs, programmes and other papers regarding the Kraft durch Freude festival, Hamburg, Germany, 1937. ...Wiener Library2008-04-28
Kristallnacht in Nuremberg: Copy papersPapers, 1947-1950, relating to the trial of former SA men who were guilty of aggravated breach of the peace on Kristallnacht in Nuremberg, including s...Wiener Library2008-08-26
Kristallnacht ReportsA Collection of circa 350 reports on Kristallnacht, and the aftermath, 1938-1939, anonymised to protect the identity of the authors. Collected by the ...Wiener Library2008-08-19
Kristallnacht: lists of synagogues destroyed and eyewitness testimoniesPapers concerning Kristallnacht, 1939-1960, notably includes responses from rabbis to the Wiener Library, regarding the fate of their former synagogue...Wiener Library2008-08-26
Kristallnacht: Press cuttings (some microfilm)Press cuttings of British and European press in the immediate aftermath of the November Pogrom, or Night of Broken Glass in Germany, 1938, reporting o...Wiener Library2008-08-26
Kuhn, Hannele (c 1925): Family papersPapers of Hannele Kuhn, 1893-1945, comprise family correspondence and papers. The letters give a very moving account of the experience of a very close...Wiener Library2008-08-19
Kulturbund deutscher Juden: correspondence and papers (microfilm)Original correspondence between the Polizeipräsident of Berlin and the KBDJ concerning all the activities of the organisation, eg. theatrical performa...Wiener Library2008-04-28
Lammers, Reichsminster Hans Heinrich: Letter on the events of 20 Jul 1944Confidential circular letter to leading government officials, 27 Jul 1944, from Dr Lammers, Reichsminister and Chef der Reichskanzlei, regarding the ...Wiener Library2008-08-26
Landenberger, Max (fl 1938-1939): property seizure in NuremburgCopies of contracts and notarial certificate documenting the sale of a house at Burgschmietstrasse 12, Nuremberg, property of Max and Frieda Landenber...Wiener Library2008-08-26
Lasker-Wallfisch, Anita: personal correspondencePersonal correspondence of Anita Lasker-Wallfisch with family members, documenting in part the experiences of Anita Lasker-Wallfisch and her sisters i...Wiener Library2008-08-26

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