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Nazi Ministry of Education and Science: circular on Hitler Youth (1942)Letter from the German Ministry of Education and Science conveying Hitler's order to employ Hitler Youth over the age of 17 for anti-aircraft batterie...Wiener Library2008-09-03
Nazi Ministry of Education and Science: circular on marital status of civil servants (1938)Confidential circular sent by the Ministry of Education and Science at the request of the Ministry of the Interior, 4 Feb 1938, stating that an enquir...Wiener Library2008-09-03
Nazi persecution of Freemasons, JerseyCopies of papers, 1941-1942, documenting Nazi fascination for and persecution of Freemasonry on the island of Jersey, Channel Islands, in the immediat...Wiener Library2008-08-26
Nazi persecution of Jehovah's WitnessesPapers regarding the fate of Jehovah's Witnesses during the Nazi era, 1934-1963, include copies of forms with personal details of concentration camp i...Wiener Library2008-08-26
Nazi propaganda against Great BritainPapers relating to Nazi propaganda against Great Britain including list of Nazi propagandists against Great Britain giving brief biographical details ...Wiener Library2008-08-26
Nazi propaganda leafletsCopies of Nazi propaganda leaflets including a leaflet announcing a solidarity meeting to be held in Trier, 1 July 1934; appeal to Roman Catholic boys...Wiener Library2008-08-07
Nazi war crimes: reports and statements (1943-1946)Papers concerning Nazi war crimes, comprise an unrelated collection of papers which document Nazi war crimes, notably including a copy of a circular l...Wiener Library2008-08-26
Nazis in Greece Copies of primary and secondary sources from archives in USA, Germany, Greece and Great Britain on the Nazi occupation of Greece and the persecution ...Wiener Library2008-08-26
Nazis who survived World War TwoMicrofilm of lists of names of Nazis who survived World War Two, [1975] and correspondence between H Rubin and various institutions regarding Nazis wh...Wiener Library2008-08-26
Neo-Nazi material (1980s)Copies of German neo-Nazi material, [1980-1989] including periodicals; publications of (or about) neo-Nazi organisations in Germany; articles on neo-N...Wiener Library2008-08-19

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