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Flyer advertising protest meeting entitled Pogrom in GermanyPapers comprise a flyer advertising a protest meeting against the Nazi persecution of Jews in Germany, 1938. ...Wiener Library2008-05-13
Former Nazis in the Middle East: Various papersPapers concerning Former Nazis in the Middle East, 1960s, comprise leaflets and flyers on Arab Anti-Semitism and articles on former Nazis in Arab coun...Wiener Library2008-05-13
Frank, Vincent C: Account regarding the November Pogrom of 1938An account of Kristallnacht by Vincent C Frank in Berlin, who holds the view that it was meticulously planned. This account is the text of a talk give...Wiener Library2008-03-18
French Anti-Nazi leafletFrench Anti-Nazi leaflet, 1938, entitled 'Et Voici La Preuve', which disclaims the thesis that the Kristallnacht pogrom was a spontaneous, popular, ou...Wiener Library2008-05-13
Geissler and Arp: British military court case material (microfilm)Personal papers of Erich Arp mainly concerning his membership of political and student organisations; Military Government Court indictments of Geissle...Wiener Library2008-04-28
German Confessional Church: Instructions regarding racial originsPapers of German Confessional Church, 1939-1957, relate to racial origins and aryanism within the German Confessional Church and comprise copies of co...Wiener Library2008-05-22
German Foreign Office: Correspondence on Jews in Slovakia Microfilm of correspondence and papers regarding the fate of Jews in Slovakia, 1943-1945, chiefly between the German Foreign and Security offices in ...Wiener Library2008-05-22
German Jewish doctors: list of suicides and murdersPapers concerning the suicide and murder of German Jewish doctors, c 1933-c 1939, comprising a list detailing the names of such individuals. ...Wiener Library2008-05-28
German Jewish representative organisations: documents regarding their creation (microfilm)Reichsvertretung der jüdischen Landesverbände and Preussische Landesverband jüdischer Gemeinde, representative organisations of German Jews, 1926-1933...Wiener Library2008-04-17
German Jews in AustriaPapers concerning German Jews in Austria, 1933-1934, notably reports of the Österreichischen Hilfskomitee für deutsche Juden, outlining the plight of ...Wiener Library2008-05-28

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