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Title Abstract Repository Date Added
POPLAR WESLEYAN MISSIONIssues of Pathfinder, the magazine of the Poplar Wesleyan Mission, Methodist Church, 1932-1939. ...London Metropolitan Archives2009-06-13
PRINCE OF WALES ROAD CHURCHTrustees' account books, 1869-1966; account book, 1959-1966; general correspondence, 1925-1950 and Trust correspondence, 1940-1958. ...London Metropolitan Archives2009-06-13
PROVIDENCE CHAPEL, UXBRIDGEMarriage registers for the Providence Congregational Church, Uxbridge, 1924-1961. ...London Metropolitan Archives2009-06-13
PUTNEY UNITED REFORMED CHURCHRecords of Putney United Reformed Church and its predecessors, 1885-1972, including trust deeds and agreements relating to property owned by the Churc...London Metropolitan Archives2009-06-15
PUTNEY UNITED REFORMED CHURCHRecords of Putney and Wandsworth Presbyterian Church including Communicants' roll book (contains entries for Wandsworth from October 4th 1945, when th...London Metropolitan Archives2009-06-15
QUEEN'S HALL, STATION ROAD, HAYESRegisters of marriage, 1930-1970. ...London Metropolitan Archives2009-06-13
QUEENS ROAD PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, BRIGHTONCourt of Session minute books, including annual reports, 1844-1920; minute books of the Diaconate, 1845-1927 and Communicants' roll book, 1863-1913.London Metropolitan Archives2009-06-13
QUEX ROAD METHODIST CHURCH, KILBURNMinutes of Trustees' Meetings, 1869-1941; minutes of Leaders' Meetings, 1892-1964; minutes of Sunday School Council, 1868-1948 and minutes of Sunday S...London Metropolitan Archives2009-06-13
REGENT SQUARE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, GRAYS INN ROAD, SAINT PANCRASMarriage registers for Regent Square Presbyterian Church, Bloomsbury, 1905-1938. ...London Metropolitan Archives2009-06-13
REGENT SQUARE UNITED REFORMED CHURCH, TAVISTOCK PLACEAnnual reports, 1847-1927; Trustees minute book, 1825-1848; Literary Society minute book, 1904-1910; British Women's Temperance Association minute boo...London Metropolitan Archives2009-06-13

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