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New Zealand: Trades Unions MaterialPamphlets, guides, addresses, reports and discussion papers, 1948 onwards, issued by the Coachworkers Union (N.Z.), the Combined Motor Industry Union...Institute of Commonwealth Studies2013-02-20
Niue: Political Parties MaterialMaterial produced by political groups in Niue, 1984, comprising letter, 3 May 1984 from T.L. Sioneholo, Legal/Political Division of the Government, ex...Institute of Commonwealth Studies2013-02-20
Papua and New Guinea, 1947Minutes of the first meeting of the Inter-Departmental Committee for the Co-ordination of plans for the development of the Territories of Papua and Ne...Institute of Commonwealth Studies2013-03-02
Papua New Guinea: Political Parties and Pressure Groups MaterialPamphlets, leaflets, manifestos, constitutions, posters and miscellaneous election materials from 1961 onwards issued by the All Peoples Party of Papu...Institute of Commonwealth Studies2013-02-20
PARRY, Rear Admiral Sir William Edward (1790-1855)Typescript extract from journal of Sir (William) Edward Parry (1790-1855), covering his service as Commissioner of the Australian Agricultural Compan...Institute of Commonwealth Studies2013-03-02
Solomon Islands: Political Parties MaterialSolomon Islands political material: Constitution of the Rural Alliance Party, 1977. ...Institute of Commonwealth Studies2013-02-25
Western Samoa: Political Parties MaterialMaterial produced by the Human Rights Protection Party (Western Samoa), 1985-1986. ...Institute of Commonwealth Studies2013-02-25
Philosophy of Education Society of Great BritainPapers of the Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain (PESGB), 1964-1991, including Executive Committee minutes, 1964-1980; Annual General Me...Institute of Education2020-04-30
BARRETT, Norman Rupert (1903-1979)Annotated typescript article by Norman Rupert Barrett titled 'The contribution of Australians to medical knowledge', [1960s]...King's College London College Archives2005-08-22
DENDY, Professor Arthur (1865-1925)Correspondence, 1887-1925, mainly between Dendy and fellow academics relating to the morphology and classification of sponges, notably with George Par...King's College London College Archives2002-10-07

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