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Title Abstract Repository Date Added
Abbreviation of the Qanun of Ibn Sina (Avicenna)Manuscript abbreviated version of the Qanun (trans: The Canon of Medicine) of Ibn Sina (Avicenna). ...Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists2009-09-19
Andouille, Jean Baptiste Antoine (1690-1744)Notes of lectures on surgery by Andouille, noted in the form of questions and answers. Produced in Paris, 1735-1750. ...Wellcome Library2009-03-03
Bidault de Villiers, F. T. (1775-1824)Two volumes of notes, on medical and chemical books, and on diseases and their treatment, c 1800-1823. ...Wellcome Library2009-03-05
British Medical AssociationPapers of the British Medical Association compring files [1915-1960], from the following subject series: Medico-Political, Science, Groups, Ethics, Pu...Wellcome Library2009-03-05
British Postgraduate Medical FederationPapers of the British Postgraduate Medical Federation (BPMF), 1943-1997, comprising directors' files from the 1940s; records relating to funding from ...Senate House Library, University of London2009-04-06
Cade, Sir Stanford, (1895-1973)Papers of Sir Stanford Cade including series of detailed manuscript and typescript case summaries, many illustrated with diagrams and photographs, 192...Wellcome Library2009-03-24
Canziani, Giuseppe (1815-1849)Notes of lectures by Giuseppe Canziani, on veterinary medicine, anatomy, physiology and phrenology, [1840-1845]. ...Wellcome Library2009-03-16
Cecchini, MarioStudents' notes of Mario Cecchini's lectures on tumours, at the Archiospedale del Santo Spirito, Rome. ...Wellcome Library2009-03-16
Chirac, Pierre (1650-1732)Notes from Pierre Chirac's lectures, 1696-1734. ...Wellcome Library2009-03-16
COLEBROOK, GeorgeMiscellaneous papers of George Colebrook including lectures and treatises on diseases, 1678-1716. ...Royal College of Physicians2009-01-19

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