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ALLFREY, Lt Gen Sir Charles Walter (1895-1964)Memoranda, 1941-1942, circulated to 43 Div by commanders of 12 Corps; transcripts of speeches by Allfrey, 1942-1944; papers relating to the Tunisian c...Liddell Hart Centre for Military Archives, King's College London2013-05-22
Allied Airborne LeafletsLeaflets and magazines dropped over Europe by Allied aircraft based in the United Kingdom:. Volume 1: Belgian leaflets 1940-1944. Volume 2: Channel I...British Library of Political and Economic Science2002-08-20
Anti- Nazi propaganda leafletsThis collection consists of miscellaneous propaganda leaflets produced by the British, designed to undermine the morale of the German troops, 1942-194...Wiener Library2008-04-03
Anti-Nazi activities worldwide: leaflets and circularsAnti-Nazi activities worldwide collection consists of leaflets and circulars of anti-Nazi organisations in various countries across the world, 1940s, ...Wiener Library2008-03-19
Anti-Nazi propaganda in GermanyMicrofilm of anti-Nazi propaganda leaflets comprising leaflets produced by the US Office of Strategic Services (especially by W Necker), 1944-1945, fo...Wiener Library2008-03-18
Antisemitic noticesAntisemitic notices comprise two small paper notices stamped with the Anti-semitic slogan Kauft nicht bei Juden(Don't buy from Jews), [1933-1939]. ...Wiener Library2008-04-09
Auslandsorganisation der NSDAP: newsletter extractsPapers relating to the Auslandsorganisation der NSDAP (AO), 1934-1936, including typescript extracts of Mitteilungsblätter der Auslandsorganisation de...Wiener Library2008-04-09
Bavarian Political Police: circular on Jewish propagandaCopy of a circular letter from the Bavarian Political Police to all heads of Police and local legal civil authorities, 13 Apr 1935, instructing them t...Wiener Library2008-04-03
Belgian Anti-Semitic leafletsThree printed leaflets, written in French and Dutch, dating from the 1930s, stating Do not buy at Jewish shops (in Dutch) and The Jews only live to ex...Wiener Library2008-04-11
Blatch, Gledhill StanleyPapers, 1927-1986, of Gledhill Stanley Blatch, comprising correspondence, press cuttings, reports and political propaganda material collected by him. ...School of Oriental and African Studies2003-03-25

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