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Ainsworth, Geoffrey Clough ( b 1905)Papers on medical mycology 1950-1964, including records of the informal meetings of the Medical Research Council Medical Mycology Committee and the In...Wellcome Library2009-03-01
Berlin: Königliche Akademie der WissenschaftenHistoire de l'Académie Royale des Sciences et Belles Lettres de Berlin, avec des Mémoires: Classe de Philosophie Expérimentale. Illustrated with foldi...Wellcome Library2009-03-05
Bonnet, Hyacinthe (fl 1795)Collection of 9 'cahiers' containing a student's notes of lectures on medicine and allied subjects: Volume 1: (1) Médecine clinique de la Charité de P...Wellcome Library2009-03-11
Chomel, Pierre Jean Baptiste (1671-1740)Notes of Pierre Jean Baptiste Chomel on plants and on medicine, [1715-1730]. ...Wellcome Library2009-03-22
Foerchtl, JosefTwo volumes entitled 'Collectio plantarum nostratum et pro parte exoticarum quae in statu vivo et naturali depictae sunt' containing in all 200 water-...Wellcome Library2009-04-06
Holmes, Edward Morell (1843-1940)Notes and extracts on vegetable materia medica, botany, etc. (with the exception of MS.2882, which deals with British insects, and MS.7961 which consi...Wellcome Library2009-03-05
Hurry, Jamieson Boyd (1857-1930)MSS.2968-2988 are chiefly related to Hurry's publications; the best-represented subject in this block of material is "vicious circles" in disease and ...Wellcome Library2009-03-05
Medico-Botanical Society of London Papers of the Medico-Botanical Society of London, 1815-1852, including correspondence letters and administrative papers of the Society, primarily r...Wellcome Library2009-04-18
Mexico: botanical survey of Sonora provinceThe items in this collection comprise returns from local Thenientes to a survey launched by the Justicia mayor of Sonora province, Patricio Antonio Gó...Wellcome Library2009-03-05
New Spain: official documentationThe papers in this collection comprise official documentation issued by the authorities in New Spain (specifically, in Mexico). They include the appoi...Wellcome Library2009-03-05

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