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European Nuclear DisarmamentPapers of European Nuclear Disarmament, including: Coordinating Committee records. Papers regarding END Conventions and other events. Documents reg...British Library of Political and Economic Science2009-02-20
Evian Conference Papers (microfilm)Minutes, reports, speeches and correspondence of the Evian Conference, France, July 1938, convened to address the issue of Jewish refugees from Nazi r...Wiener Library2008-04-28
Eyewitness accounts (of the Holocaust)Various eyewitness accounts of the Nazi era and the Holocaust include persecution of a Jewish woman in Berlin during the war; account of the fate of t...Wiener Library2008-03-19
Fabian Society ArchivesThis collection consists of material relating to the principle functions of the Fabian Society. It includes correspondence; early papers and memorials...British Library of Political and Economic Science2002-03-15
Fabian Society: biographies of early membersA file of biographical papers on the lives of the early Fabians including: Charlotte Wilson. Edward Pease: notes on a meeting with Nicholas and Muriel...British Library of Political and Economic Science2007-06-28
Fabian Society: local Fabian SocietiesHandbills and newspaper cuttings on the activities of local Fabian Societies, pasted into exercise books covering each local Fabian Society....British Library of Political and Economic Science2002-08-20
Fabian Society: Parliamentary RegisterParliamentary register, containing information about electoral constituencies, political issues, clubs, socialist organisations, press cuttings of loc...British Library of Political and Economic Science2002-08-20
Fabian Society: South Place Institute Conference, 1886Special report of the proceedings of a three day conference held at the South Place Institute, to discuss the commercial system and the better utiliza...British Library of Political and Economic Science2002-08-20
Fabian Society: speakersHandbills advertising socialist, radical, trade union and co-operative meetings, mainly addressed by Fabian Society speakers....British Library of Political and Economic Science2002-08-20
Fairfield, Letitia (1885-1978): papers regarding compulsory sterilisation and the Third Reich (microfilm)Personal papers of Letitia Fairfield, c 1930-1939, with correspondence dealing in the main with the subject of compulsory sterilisation, in particular...Wiener Library2008-04-28

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