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Steckelmacher, Rabbi Dr F.: report regarding his fateTypescript report on the fate of Rabbi Dr F Steckelmacher and his wife during the Nazi era. ...Wiener Library2008-09-03
Stop the War CoalitionPapers of the Stop the War Coalition, 2001-2007, including: posters, ephemera, flyers, newsletters and material produced by the Stop the War Coalition...Bishopsgate Institute2009-04-21
Storch, Gilel (Hillel): relief of Jews in World War TwoPapers of Hillel (Gilel) Storch including copies of correspondence and enclosures between Storch and Gerald Fleming relating to relief and rescue of E...Wiener Library2008-09-03
Sudetenland Jews: ReportsReports on the situation of Jews in Sudetenland, [1939], including report on conditions for Jews in various Sudetenland towns and cities, 6 Mar 1939; ...Wiener Library2008-08-07
Swingler, Randall and Rickword, Edgell: letters (1) Letter from Randall Carline Swingler of the Left Review, 2 Parton Street, London to Thomas Sturge Moore, c1938. Asking him to contribute an ...Senate House Library, University of London2009-09-13
Switzerland and Jewish refugees: reports by JUNA and other materialJüdische Nachrichten dossiers on Jewish asylum during the Nazi persecution: 592/1: Folder containing material from the dossier of Armand Brunschvig ar...Wiener Library2008-04-11
Szell, Franz (fl 1936-1937): correspondence regarding Alfred RosenbergPapers of Franz Szell, 1936-1937, comprise an open letter to Alfred Rosenberg, editor of the Völkische Beobachter, 1936; copies of letters to Goering,...Wiener Library2008-09-03
TALLENTS, Sir Stephen George (1884-1958)Papers of Sir Stephen Tallents, mainly relating to to his role as Secretary of the Empire Marketing Board (EMB), including files on its origins, acti...Institute of Commonwealth Studies2013-03-05
TAWNEY, Richard Henry (1880-1962)Papers of Richard Henry Tawney, 1918-1955, comprising material relating to the University Grants Committee; correspondence, including with Shena Dorot...Institute of Education2008-03-06
Teich-Birken family: Memorial bookCopy and transcript correspondence of a German Jewish family, 1941, chiefly comprising letters from Messrs Isaak David and Martha Teich-Birken, reside...Wiener Library2008-09-03

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