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OMMANNEY, Adm Sir Erasmus (1814-1904)Papers realting to Sir Erasmus Ommanney's career in the Royal Navy, to his part in the administration of poor relief in Ireland from 1847-1849, and th...Royal Geographical Society2009-01-11
PADDINGTON BOARD OF GUARDIANSRecords of the Paddington Poor Law Parish, 1845-1936, including minutes of meetings of the Board of Guardians and various Committees; standing orders;...London Metropolitan Archives2009-07-24
PARMITER'S FOUNDATION Records of Parminter's Foundation and associated charities, including constitution, governor's minute books and estate records for Parminter's School...London Metropolitan Archives2010-09-15
PEABODY TRUST AND RELATED ORGANISATIONS Records of the Peabody Trust, including corporate records, financial accounts, personnel records, property records, estate management, plans, photogr...London Metropolitan Archives2018-08-14
POORS PIECE CHARITY, HANWELL Minute book and an account book for the Poors Piece Charity, Hanwell. ...London Metropolitan Archives2010-09-14
POPLAR BOARD OF GUARDIANSRecords of Poplar Poor Law Union, 1813-1940, including minutes of meetings of the Board of Guardians and various Committees; annual reports and statem...London Metropolitan Archives2009-07-25
RAGGED SCHOOL UNION Case book of London boys from the Ragged School Union, admitted to a collecting centre for assisted emigrants to Canada, possibly at Walton-on-Thames...London Metropolitan Archives2010-12-05
RICHARD GARFORD'S CHARITY Records relating to Richard Garford's Charity, comprising lists of the recipients of the Charity, 1693-1890; also copies of various documents relatin...London Metropolitan Archives2010-09-14
ROTH CATALOGUE MISCELLANEOUS The records within this section comprise those items which do not technically belong within the United Synagogue or its member synagogues or related ...London Metropolitan Archives2010-05-16
ROYAL ASSOCIATION FOR DEAF PEOPLERecords of the Royal Association for Deaf People. The collection contains a wealth of information relating to the development of work with Deaf people...London Metropolitan Archives2013-01-03

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