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Title Abstract Repository Date Added
BERMONDSEY BOARD OF GUARDIANSRecords of the Bermondsey Poor Law Union, 1836-1934, including minutes of meetings and reports of the Board of Guardians and various Committees includ...London Metropolitan Archives2015-12-09
BETHNAL GREEN BOARD OF GUARDIANSRecords of the Bethnal Green Poor Law Union, 1836-1935, including minutes of meetings of the Board of Guardians and various Committees; orders and cor...London Metropolitan Archives2011-12-02
BILLINGSGATE CHRISTIAN MISSION AND DISPENSARY Records of the Billingsgate Christian Mission comprising annual reports and accounts with other financial records, 1901-90, photographs of the missio...London Metropolitan Archives2010-09-06
BOOT TRADE BENEVOLENT SOCIETY Records of the Boot Trade Benevolent Society comprising: minutes, 1853-1959; financial records, 1836-1977; and news cutting books, 1932-1937. Access ...London Metropolitan Archives2010-09-06
BRENTFORD BOARD OF GUARDIANSRecords of the Brentford Poor Law Union, 1836-1930, including minutes of meetings of the Board of Guardians and various Committees; register of appren...London Metropolitan Archives2009-07-11
BRITISH FRIENDLY SOCIETY, HAMBURG, GERMANY Records of the British Friendly Society, comprising accounts, annual reports and accounts, and receipts for money advanced to British citizens in nee...London Metropolitan Archives2010-09-06
BUTCHERS' CHARITABLE INSTITUTION Records of the Butchers' Charitable Institution including Committee minute books; reports; papers relating to the merger with the London Meat Traders...London Metropolitan Archives2010-09-06
BUTLER'S CHARITY The surviving records of Butler's Charity comprise minutes, accounts, legal papers, records of apprenticeships, the Charity Commissioners' scheme, le...London Metropolitan Archives2010-11-25
CAMBERWELL BOARD OF GUARDIANSRecords of Camberwell Poor Law Parish, 1835-1939, including minutes of meetings of the Board of Guardians and various Committees; financial accounts; ...London Metropolitan Archives2009-07-11
CASS SCHOOL Records specifically relating to the Cass School, managed by the Sir John Cass's Foundation, comprising minutes, accounts, pupil registers, hymn shee...London Metropolitan Archives2010-11-27

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