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Title Abstract Repository Date Added
ANDREWS FAMILY Deeds and other papers, 1721-1923, relating to the estates of the Andrews and Weall families; including title deeds and other documents relating to t...London Metropolitan Archives2011-10-11
ANGUER FAMILY Records of the Anguer family; comprising title deeds and legal documents relating to land and property in the Manor of Poplar, including Stepney, Str...London Metropolitan Archives2011-07-16
ASHBURNHAM FAMILY ESTATE Papers relating to property owned by the Ashburnham family, including assignments of lease for premises in the precinct of the dissolved monastery of...London Metropolitan Archives2011-07-16
BACKHOUSE ESTATE, SOUTHWARK Report on the disposal and development of the estate of Mr and Mrs Backhouse, Old Kent Road, Southwark. ...London Metropolitan Archives2011-10-11
BACON, John (1777-1859) Papers relating to the estate of John Bacon the younger, sculptor, including title deeds and documents relating to the purchase, ownership and sale o...London Metropolitan Archives2011-10-25
BADDELEY {SHOEMAKER} Lease by Viscount Melbourne to Thomas Bott, umbrella-maker, of the second house from the east corner of Cecil Street, numbered 86 Strand, 1792; assig...London Metropolitan Archives2009-11-13
BAGSHAW, William (fl 1816-1864) Records of William Bagshaw relating to two properties in which he had an interest, 42 Craven Street, Strand and 3 Great Russell Street, Bloomsbury, a...London Metropolitan Archives2011-10-25
BAILEYS, SHAW AND GILLETT {SOLICITORS} Papers, 1787-1884, collected by the solicitors in the course of their work, comprising deeds and legal documents relating to properties in Tower Stre...London Metropolitan Archives2009-12-09
BAILEYS, SHAW AND GILLETT {SOLICITORS} Papers, 1787-1811, collected by the solicitors in the course of their work, comprising deeds and legal documents relating to Edwin Payne [Paine], the...London Metropolitan Archives2009-12-09
BALCH AND BALCH {ESTATE AGENTS} Records of Balch and Balch, solicitors, 1843-1948, relating to properties handled by the company, including sales particulars for properties througho...London Metropolitan Archives2009-12-09

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