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HUNT, William Papers regarding a dispute over the ownership of 1 Dale Place, Apothecary's Row, Wandsworth, including copy of the will of Charles Bostuck of Wandswo...London Metropolitan Archives2011-11-12
HYDE, MAHON AND PASCALL {SOLICITORS} Papers, 1820-1901, collected by the solicitors in the course of their work, comprising deeds and legal documents relating to properties in Edmonton a...London Metropolitan Archives2009-12-15
HYDE, MAHON AND PASCALL {SOLICITORS} Legal documents, copies of wills and deeds, 1802-1935, relating to properties and estates in various locations including Pinner, the City of London, ...London Metropolitan Archives2009-12-15
ICKENHAM MANOR Records of the Manor of Ickenham, including court baron rolls and documents relating to property transfer, including grants, agreements and memorials...London Metropolitan Archives2011-11-12
ILLIDGE FAMILY Papers of the Illidge family concerning private and family matters almost entirely, with little reference to business affairs. They include numerous ...London Metropolitan Archives2011-11-12
INGLEDEW, BROWN, BENNISON AND GARRETT {SOLICITORS} Papers, 1879-1926, collected by the solicitors in the course of their work, comprising deeds relating to Brigadier Hill House, Enfield (later Brownin...London Metropolitan Archives2009-11-29
ISLEWORTH SYON MANOR Extracts from the court rolls of the Manor of Isleworth Syon relating to the ownership of property in Isleworth. ...London Metropolitan Archives2011-11-12
J.L.C. PERRY {SOLICITORS} Mortgage and lease for Paradise Terrace, Milton Road, Hornsey, 1853 and 1855; leases for property in Shepperton; copies of court roll for Isleworth S...London Metropolitan Archives2009-11-29
JACKSON AND AWDRY {SOLICITORS} Papers, 1799-1887, collected by the solicitors in the course of their work, comprising marriage settlements, receipts and memoranda. ...London Metropolitan Archives2009-11-29
JAMES FAMILY Records of the novelist George Payne Rainsford James and his family, a total of about 350 items, with documents relating to other families, either sh...London Metropolitan Archives2011-11-20

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