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Murdoch, Iris (1919-1999): Letters from Iris Murdoch to Rolando Pieraccini16 letters with envelopes plus contract letters from Iris Murdoch to the publisher Rolando Pieracinni, regarding his publication of the book 'Somethin...Kingston University2018-01-03
Murdoch, Iris (1919-1999): Letters to Cheryl BovePapers of Iris Murdoch, 1990-1992, comprising letters from Murdoch to Cheryl Bove, discussing issues including their next meeting and Murdoch's upcomi...Kingston University2008-05-13
Murdoch, Iris (1919-1999): Letters to Harry Hofstra Papers of Iris Murdoch, comprising letters to Harry Hofstra, thanking him for his letters and for expressing appreciation and understanding of her wo...Kingston University2008-05-13
Murdoch, Iris (1919-1999): Letters to Roly CochranePapers of Iris Murdoch, c 1980-1995, comprising correspondence addressed to Roly Cochrane from Murdoch including 138 letters and 59 cards and postcard...Kingston University2008-05-13
Murdoch, Iris (1919-1999): Letters to Sugana RamanathanPapers of Iris Murdoch, c 1981-c 1995, comprising letters to Sugana Ramanathan, responding initially to Ramanathan's letter expressing interest in Mur...Kingston University2008-05-13
Murdoch, Iris (1919-1999): Notebooks and other Items belonging to Iris Murdoch Notebooks and other items belonging to Iris Murdoch from her home at Charlbury Road, Oxford. Includes: 1) File containing typed draft of paper 'Evil...Kingston University2018-01-03
Murdoch, Iris (1919-1999): Rare Editions of Novels and Other WorksFirst editions of some of Iris Murdoch's novels, and other rare texts- 13 volumes in total. Consists of: KUAS25/1 Limited edition playscript for T...Kingston University2014-02-25
Murdoch, Iris (1919-1999): Sixteen Books Previously Owned by Iris MurdochSixteen books formerly owned by Iris Murdoch- they either have dedications to her, or notes of her name written in the front. One book is partially a...Kingston University2018-01-03
Murdoch, Iris: Letters from Iris Murdoch to Raymond Queneau Letters sent from Iris Murdoch to French author and poet Raymond Queneau, dating from 1946 to 1975. Iris met Queneau while doing war work with the U...Kingston University2014-02-25
NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF PENSION FUNDS LIMITED Records of the National Association of Pension Funds Ltd, 1917-2009, comprising minutes, agendas, reports and correspondence from various committees;...London Metropolitan Archives2013-05-13

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