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Scrapbook relating to women's work during the First World War Scrapbook of press cuttings relating to women's work during the First World War. Those from the first c 40 pages of the book (mostly from 1884 to 189...Women's Library2009-04-02
Scrapbook relating to women's work in the First World WarThis scrapbook consists of press cuttings, mainly from the national press; typescript index, 1914-1919. Cuttings and reports referring to the National...Women's Library2009-04-02
Scrapbook: 'Votes for Women: A Picturebook of the Campaign during recent years compiled principally from newspaper photography by Alex Sydney Millward'Scrapbook of press cuttings relating to the suffrage campaigns compiled by Mrs Amelia Millward [and pasted into a scrapbook by her son, Alex Sydney.] ...Women's Library2009-04-02
Scrapbooks [Second World War]This scrapbook consists of general press cuttings about the events of the Second World War. ...Women's Library2009-04-02
Scrapbooks of Mayoral Activities Scrapbook containing photographs and newspaper cuttings relating to the activities of the Mayor and Mayoress of Battersea and the Mayor and Mayoress ...Wandsworth Heritage Service2011-07-24
Scrapbooks of press cuttings relating to the Women's Liberation MovementThis collection consists of press cuttings mainly from national newspapers (with some cuttings from regional and international press). The cuttings ar...Women's Library2009-04-02
Scrapbooks relating to industrial conditions for women and childrenThese scrapbooks consist of press cuttings from the national and local press relating to 'women's organisations' 'he dangerous trades', 'child labour...Women's Library2009-04-02
Scrapbooks relating to ProstitutionThis scrapbook consists of press cuttings on the subject of prostitution from national and regional newspapers, for the years 1929-2001 (only five cut...Women's Library2009-04-02
SCULLARD, Professor Howard Hayes (1903-1983)Papers, [1909] and 1930-[1975], relating to Scullard's published work, notably lists of contributors and articles for the first edition, [1938], and c...King's College London College Archives2000-08-03
SEDGWICK, Adam (1785-1873)Papers of Adam Sedgwick, 1816 and 1843-1854, comprising: Two notebooks from Sedgwick's tour through the continent of Europe, June-September 1816; man...Geological Society of London2012-08-07

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