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Service book (Jewish): MahzorManuscript Mahzor containing Jewish festival prayers for the whole year according to the Italian rite, with some additional prayers and ceremonies. On...University College London2001-12-18
Service book (Jewish): OmerManuscript Jewish service book, 18th century: Omer. Signature on folio 1: Judah Samuel Sinigaglia....University College London2001-12-18
Service book (Jewish): PiyyutimManuscript Jewish service book, 1890: Piyyutim for distinguished Sabbaths, Ashkenazic rite....University College London2001-12-18
Service book (Jewish): Rosh ha-shanahManuscript Jewish service book [1695]: Rosh ha-shanah, rite of Carpentras. With a commentary styled 'Seder Eliahu zuta' by Elijah Karmi....University College London2001-12-18
Service book (Jewish): SiddurManucript Jewish service book [1887]: Siddur, rite of Sana (Yemen). Apparently copied from an original with superlinear vowel-points....University College London2001-12-18
Service book (Jewish): Yom KippurManuscript Jewish service book [1757]: Yom Kippur, Sephardic rite. An inscription on the title page states that this text was written for the hazzan (...University College London2001-12-18
Service book (Samaritan)Manuscript Samaritan service book [1788-1789]....University College London2001-12-18
Shaw, MabelMiscellaneous papers, 1915-1973, of Mabel Shaw, including her correspondence (1930-1973) and circular letters; personal papers; prayer texts and poems...School of Oriental and African Studies2002-05-14
SMALL COLLECTIONS This collection comprises a variety of unrelated items listed under the fonds 'Small Collections' for convenience. The items include: research notes,...London Metropolitan Archives2010-12-05
Smith, EdwinPapers, 1877-1949, of Edwin Smith, comprising Smith's typescript and manuscript translations from religious texts into the Ila language, 1905-c1915, m...School of Oriental and African Studies2009-02-11

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