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Fullerton, Admiral Sir Eric John Arthur (1878-1962) Papers of Sir Eric John Arthur Fullerton. They are mostly personal letters written between 1901 and 1955 to both Sir Eric and Lady Fullerton; the c...National Maritime Museum2011-10-25
Dixie, Captain Sir Alexander, 9th Bt (1780-1857)Papers of Sir Alexander Dixie, consisting of three logs, 1799 to 1801, and twenty-four service documents. ...National Maritime Museum2011-10-24
Douglas, Admiral Sir James, 1st Bt (1703-1787)Papers of Adm Sir James Douglas, including logs, 1734 to 1735, 1739, 1741, 1745, 1760 to 1762; order books, 1760 to 1763, 1774 to 1777; letterbooks, 1...National Maritime Museum2011-10-24
Dundas,Admiral Sir James Whitley Deans (1785-1862)Papers of Sir James Whitley Deans Dundas, consisting of bound volumes of official and private correspondence for Dundas's Mediterranean command, 1851 ...National Maritime Museum2011-10-24
Elliot, Sir Gilbert, 3rd Bt. (Treasurer Of The Navy) (1722-1777) Papers of Sir Gilbert Elliot; content is mainly official and consists of account rolls of the Treasurer of the Chambers, 1762 to 1770, and an account...National Maritime Museum2011-10-24
Christian, Sir Hugh Cloberry (1747-1798)Papers of Sir Hugh Cloberry Christian relating to his period as Commander-in Chief of the Cape of Good Hope station. They include correspondence regar...National Maritime Museum2011-10-23
Cochrane, Archibald (1874-1952)Papers of Archibald Cochrane consisting of two midshipman's logs, 1890 to 1894. ...National Maritime Museum2011-10-23
Cockburn, Sir George, (1772-1853) Papers of Sir George Cockburn, relating largely to Napoleon's transportation and imprisonment in St. Helena and there is also a very detailed persona...National Maritime Museum2011-10-23
Collingwood, Cuthbert (1750-1810) Papers of Cuthbert Collingwood, including two letterbooks containing private letters received between 1793 and 1809, the rest of the collection is co...National Maritime Museum2011-10-23
Collinson, Sir Richard, Admiral, (1811-1883)Papers of Sir Richard Collinson including private journals for 1836, 1850 to 1855, logs, 1843 to 1846, a remark book, 1850 to 1851, and letterbooks, 1...National Maritime Museum2011-10-23

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