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Coles, Cowper Phipps (1819-1870)Papers of Cowper Phipps Cole, consisting of three large albums of newspaper cuttings which relate to the Navy and to ship design and were collected b...National Maritime Museum2011-10-13
Collingwood, Cuthbert (1750-1810) Papers of Cuthbert Collingwood, including two letterbooks containing private letters received between 1793 and 1809, the rest of the collection is co...National Maritime Museum2011-10-23
Collinson, Sir Richard, Admiral, (1811-1883)Papers of Sir Richard Collinson including private journals for 1836, 1850 to 1855, logs, 1843 to 1846, a remark book, 1850 to 1851, and letterbooks, 1...National Maritime Museum2011-10-23
Cornwallis, Admiral The Hon. Sir William (1744-1819)Papers of Sir Willaim Cornwallis including logs, 1759 to 1760, 1789 and 1792 to 1793; admiral's journals, 1794 to 1796 and 1801 to 1806; letterbooks, ...National Maritime Museum2012-02-11
Cowan, Admiral Sir Walter Henry, 1st Bt. (1871-1956) Papers of Sir Walter Henry Cowan containsing two logs, 1893 to 1897, an order book, 1914, and charts and photographs. There are also many semi-offici...National Maritime Museum2011-10-23
Cree, Edward Hodges (1814-1901) Papers of Dr Edward H Cree, including volumes one to twenty-one, 1937-1961, and comprises Cree's personal journals whilst serving at sea. The text is...National Maritime Museum2011-10-23
Cunningham, Rear-Admiral Sir Charles (1755-1834)Papers of Sir Charles Cunningham including official service documents, a log, 1796 to 1798, and a manuscript account of the Nore Mutiny. There is also...National Maritime Museum2011-10-23
Currey, Admiral Bernard (1862-1936) Personal diaries of Adm Bernard Currey, 1885-1914. ...National Maritime Museum2011-10-23
Curzon-Howe, The Hon. Sir Assheton Gore, Admiral (1850-1911) Papers of Admiral Curzon-Howe comprising logs, 1868 to 1873, fishery reports, Newfoundland, 1892 to 1895, memoranda, 1888 to 1893, 1909 to 1910, and ...National Maritime Museum2012-05-05
Dannreuther FamilyPapers of Captain Hubert Edward Dannreuther including papers relating to gunnery matters as well as order books, photos, letters and diaries. Papers...National Maritime Museum2011-10-23

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