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De Vitre, Reverend John Durham Denis (fl 1870-1949) Papers of Revd John De Vitre consisting of letters and drafts of letters concerning his service but most of the collection is concerned with his fami...National Maritime Museum2011-10-23
Denning, Vice Admiral Sir Norman Egbert (1904-1979)Papers of Sir Norman Egbert Denning, including Sir Norman's official commissions to the RN, official correspondence on the subjects of books, Babingto...National Maritime Museum2011-10-23
Dick, Rear-Admiral Royer Mylius (1897-1991) Papers of Royer Mylius Dick, containing information on practically every aspect of Dick's career, from Royal Naval College to retirement and beyond. ...National Maritime Museum2011-10-23
Domvile, Admiral Sir Barry Edward (1878-1971) Papers of Sir Barry Edward Domvile, consiting mainly of a series of detailed diaries extending from 1892 almost until Domvile's death. There is also ...National Maritime Museum2011-10-23
Doughty, Rear-Admiral Frederick Proby (1834-1892) Papers of Frederick Doughty, including logs, 1847 to 1854; journals, 1860 to 1864, 1878 to 1883; official letterbooks, 1866 to 1872, 1882 to 1887; a ...National Maritime Museum2011-10-23
Duckworth, Admiral Sir John Thomas (1748-1817) Papers of Sir John Thomas Duckworth, consisting of a log, 1779 to 1780; letterbooks, 1800 to 1807 and 1812; order books, 1800 to 1806; an admiral's j...National Maritime Museum2011-10-23
Duff, Vice Admiral Robert (fl 1720-1787)Papers of Robert Duff including logs, 1744 to 1747, 1749 to 1762 and for part of 1779; letter and order books, 1745 to 1762, 1775 to 1780; a register ...National Maritime Museum2011-10-23
Elliot, Admiral John (1732-1808)Papers of Adm John Elliot, consisting only of one volume, containing a biographical note and seventy-two letters sent mostly by Elliot to his father o...National Maritime Museum2011-10-23
Dixie, Captain Sir Alexander, 9th Bt (1780-1857)Papers of Sir Alexander Dixie, consisting of three logs, 1799 to 1801, and twenty-four service documents. ...National Maritime Museum2011-10-24
Douglas, Admiral Sir James, 1st Bt (1703-1787)Papers of Adm Sir James Douglas, including logs, 1734 to 1735, 1739, 1741, 1745, 1760 to 1762; order books, 1760 to 1763, 1774 to 1777; letterbooks, 1...National Maritime Museum2011-10-24

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