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Account BooksRoyal Society account books, 1660-2004, falling into two chronological groups; the first series contains the early accounts for the Royal Society, 166...Royal Society2009-07-05
Additional Royal Society papers A series of volumes containing additional papers read before, or collected by the Royal Society and others not entered into the Classified Papers ser...Royal Society2009-09-28
Alphabetical Index to the Printed Minutes of the Royal Society Council Alphabetical Index to the Printed Minutes of the Council of the Royal Society, 1845, in the hand of Dr Roget. ...Royal Society2009-09-28
Andrews, Thomas (1813-1885) Papers of Thomas Andrews including papers relating to his research which fell into four main fields; (1) studies of acids and metals in electrolyt...Royal Society2009-09-28
Archived Papers Scientific papers sent to the Royal Society which remained unpublished at their time of receipt, or which were abstracted in the Society's 'Proceedi...Royal Society2009-05-08
ARMSTRONG (Second Series)Papers of Professor Henry Edward Armstrong and Edward Frankland Armstrong, 1819-1945, comprising personal papers, 1865-1951, including tickets, receip...Imperial College of Science Technology and Medicine2001-08-07
Ash, John (1723-1798)Paper read at the Royal Society from 14 Feb to 6 Mar 1788 by John Ash entitled 'Observation and Experiments to investigate by Chemical Analysis the Me...Royal Society2009-09-28
Audio-Visual Archive Audio-visual recordings by or about Fellows of the Royal Society. The bulk of the collection consists of audio material, in particular cassette reco...Royal Society2009-07-05
Blagden, Sir Charles (1748-1820)The collection chiefly comprises material generated whilst Sir Charles Blagden was a student at Edinburgh University: notes of lectures, clinical note...Wellcome Library2009-03-10
Book of signatures of Royal Society Presidents and Members of the Council Book containing the signatures of Presidents of the Royal Society and members of the Council, making solemn declarations to discharge their duties f...Royal Society2009-09-28

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